Spoiler policy

Asked about on Discord. My response was:

  • Episode topics are fair game for that episode, and any previous ones of the same series - don’t spoil Higurashi EP8 in Umineko EP1, even though they were released after each other.
  • Series topics should make liberal use of spoiler tags, to make them readable to anyone with a merely passing familiarity with the series.
  • Character topics are fair game for their entire series.
  • Other topics should note specifically in the first post what the spoiler policy is. In the absence of one, assume no spoilers for anything.

What I don’t know is what to do about characters whose existence is a spoiler.

Kazamatsuri only has Ushio to deal with here (you do not mention her last name outside of spoiler-sanctioned threads, or the mods will glare at you), but apparently Umineko has a lot more characters like this.

What do we do about these? Any opinions on the list?


I would suggest following the Xenoblade Fandom route in terms of spoilers. The way they do it is the order they come in, so a character would be The Seventh Party Member and whatnot.

Though that wouldn’t help in specific instances, especially (EP8 ???, extremely spoilerish characters that would ruin a first read) with people such as Tohya. How would it be? Author? There’s Ikuko. True Author? Those in EP 6 would suspect something. Second Creator? That would indirectly spoil that there’s two. Maybe White Man?

There’s really no easy way to go about it. Perhaps haircolor and eyes would work. Very touchy, though!

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I’d say if the character isn’t mentioned in episode 1 or 2, they should be spoiler tagged, but I might be misunderstanding what exactly you mean, otherwise the current rules seem just fine.

Characters not in 1 or 2 would be the majority of the cast. Typically the only characters who are considered major spoilers are the ones who’s names give things away (Character Spoilers) EVA-Beatrice, Ange/ ANGE-Beatrice, Beatrice Castiglioni, and Ushiromiya Beatrice and of course a few other major ones such as (more character spoilers) Yasu, Lion, and debatably Clair . While those last ones don’t give anything away by their name, any discussion involving them will be nothing but spoilers. I’d say any topic with any of these names in the title would need to have the title spoiler tagged (if that’s even possible)

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(Umineko Spoilers) Spoiler-tagging a topic title isn’t possible, at least at the moment. I did give this some thought when I created the first batch of topics. I’d say EVA can be discussed in Eva’s topic (which, uh, doesn’t exist yet). Spoilers regarding Ange, and also Will and Dlanor, can be prevented by having only their first name in the topic title. The Beatrices might have to share a topic though. I don’t think there’s a problem with having separate Tohya and Ikuko topics that refer to their true identities.

(More Spoilers) I have been wondering on how to best make a Yasu topic though. For now I thought of simply making the Beatrice topic the general Yasu topic (it makes a lot of sense) though Clair would work equally well. I guess there’s no real harm in having a literal Yasu topic either since the name doesn’t give anything away.

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@uppfinnarn and @Karifean summed it up pretty well. Our spoiler policy is already pretty ironclad, I’m not sure what’s left to discuss. Just leave it to us to handle forum topics. A name alone doesn’t spoil anything. Except for cases like (Umineko) EVA-Beatrice, which will just be thrown in Eva’s topic anyway. The assumption is you’re not going into character topics unless you’ve read the whole thing anyway, so all we need to worry about are titles.

The only one that I’m still tossing up is (Umineko) Yasu. But that problem is avoided if we just throw her in the Beatrice topic.

This is less a question about spoilers, and more a question about taxonomy of topics.