Tabletop Simulator Club Activities #1: Saturday the 21st, 11pm UTC

Tabletop Simulator has kind of taken the Rokkenjima discord by storm lately. Given it’s rising popularity and versatility for different games, I am planning to begin hosting regular TTS Game Nights each weekend! Some popular games we’ve been playing include Secret Hitler, Tragedy Looper and Danmaku!!, but the possibilities for other games are endless.

I’m planning on hosting our first TTS club activity on Saturday the 21st, 11pm UTC. Let me know if you’re interested in joining below!


Maybe @Pepe
Probably @StarTurner


TTS is definitely one of the funnest games I’ve played, being many games in one package, it has almost infinite value, and I’ve used it for many fun game nights of Secret Hitler, Cards Against Humanity, Danmaku, and other board games, definitely worth picking up, and it’s definitely worth, can’t wait for the events!


Could be a fun little thing to do.

I’d kindly ask to keep doing TTS nights/evenings/mornings/whatever for more than a month or so because I’ll probably only be able to jump in on the action a month later (even if that means I’ll have to pay the full prize).

I doubt we’ll get bored of it by then :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can even play go on it! :smile:

I am a-ok and totally up for some game nights with you guys :smiley: Just let me know when and I’ll try to make it :wink:

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Alright, I guess I’ll go ahead and book a night!

Saturday the 21st, 11pm UTC.

Let me know if you’re interested! I’ll tag everyone I know who owns TTS.

@StarTurner @pictoshark @Pepe @PantherXoXtacO? @PocketyHat @Karifean @Rabla @SuperM @Seraphitic @Restkastel @Bonecuss

Sure why not.

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Schedule is a big maybe for me for now :x I’ll get back to you on that

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Yeah if I’m around at the time I’d probably be up for it. Been a while since I’ve done much with TTS, and never with this many people.

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If I’m not busy, I’ll be there!

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Assume I’ll be there too, as long as someone pings me like 2 hours before.

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Sounds awesome, count me in.

There´s also a Umineko mod that seems interesting, just throwing that there.

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@Thanatos Whoaaa I had no idea about this! Definitely something we can look into.

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I’ll join in, if I don’t forget and if the internet gods are merciful to me, haha.

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Seems aight. Nice and spoiler free, basically the gameboards on the forums but with a time limit and a location map. Only R and B are covered which is cool for keeping it spoiler free.

Only spoilers are certain character tokens I didn’t recognize.

The pixel art for the characters seems cute. Good way to dodge the sprite debate.

Weird that the location tiles don’t lock to the chessboard.

Overall, it’s alright.

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I sgin up offiially

Picto, go home you were drunk.