The Truth Lies in Velvet (EP8 Spoilers) [Solved]


Hello, everyone, Happy New-- Wait. Wait, nevermind, I’m too late. Screw it.

This is a short side-game I designed, it’s free for anyone to join in. It’s designed to let as many people as possible join in, seeing as how my previous game had a pre-requisite for being read and moved at a lightning pace. This game should fix both issues.

The premise here is based on the game from EP8 which utilized Purple Statements, hence the spoilers. Aside from that, the game contains no other spoilers regarding the series (as far as I can rememeber, at least).

So, to go over the rules:

◈ The game, as you can see, is riddled throughout with purple statements. These purple statements have the same weight as the red truth when spoken by an innocent person. With the exception of the culprit, who can make false statements/lie using them.
◈ The culprit is allowed to lie before killing anyone.
◈ The game is written in third person, thus all of the narration is reliable. In other words, no lies. The people invovled can potentially miss some things, but not to the point of stupidity or just something requiring them to be flat-out blind. Otherwise, there’s no point and the game becomes a dull exercise that doesn’t actually feature much deduction. Every chapter has a time attached to it to give an idea of when certain things are happening. There are no deceptions to be found within these timestamps - if something’s off with them, it’s an error or my part.
◈ If a line comes off as unnatural, it’s proooobably that way because I couldn’t think of a better way to cram in a purple in there.
◈ The game contains more than one incident. Thus, given the nature of the game, you are not allowed to tackle them individually! I will not respond to any attempts at blue truths that do not cover all of the mysteries of the case!
◈ That said, please use the thread as much as possible and utilize it as a place of discussion. Remember, not everyone in discord, and the game becomes as interesting for you as it does for me if the central focus is reasoning, and not wordplay shenanigans.
◈ Speaking of which - and this is an important one. The purple statements apply to the proper context they’re stated in. So, for example, when a purple statement says ‘the door’, it is referring to the door it would make the most sense to be used in. Thus, solutions like ‘this statement refers to some other door!’ will not be accepted.
◈ An even more important rule however, is that solutions reliant on wordplay any kind will have to utilize some kind of evidence in the narrative behind them. Just a SLIVER at best. The narrative is light enough as it is, so if your awesome super-convoluted theory is correct, then you will surely find evidence for it in the story. If not, then you’re on the wrong track. I can tolerate slight and reasonable wordplay, but those who have seen my previous games know that it all ends up devolving into an endless quest to circumvent the reds (and in this case, it will be the purple), and to tell you the truth, I’ve grown slightly tired of it. Theories that revolve around “well, this purple says ‘at this time’, and this other purple, which taken at face value says the exact same thing are SLIGHTLY different, therefore they’re CLEARLY completely different things and refer to completely different times” and show absolutely no proof behind them are out of the picture. Same as “well, this person chopped their hand off and left them in this room, so when the other person said they were there, they naturally were” with, again, nothing to back it up. That’s not what I want and that’s not the point.
◈ The same goes in general for theories defying what should be obvious from the narrative. There are a few occasions where I take the time to state the obvious simply because I’m convinced it’s a road people will go down on, but for the cases I haven’t bothered – keep this in mind.
◈ If a solution that manages to get through all of the purple, utilizes no ridiculous or far-fetched wordplay, but isn’t the intended solution, a red truth will be given to deny it. That, or I will add to the narrative to properly deny it.

The game ends when all of the crimes are explained and the culprit is identified.

…All of this is making me sound more confident than I actually am. In truth, I have no clue how this will turn out, since this is the first time I’ve ever constructed a purple game. Fingers crossed, though. I eliminated almost everything I could think of, but given that I haven’t tested it, there’s always a chance something slipped through my fingers.

Now, onto the general guarantees:

◆ Yep, you know it. There is only one culprit.
◈ The culprit is the one who kills.
◆ The culprit must be someone mentioned in the story.
◆ There are no accomplices. A purple game with an accomplice is kind of pointless. An accomplice is defined as anyone willingly and knowingly helping the culprit in the execution of their plans. Please don’t stretch this definition, it won’t help you – the culprit required no assistance.
◆ No supernatural occurences, robots, far-fetched pseudo-sciences or somesuch play a part in any of the events in the game.

I thiiink that should cover everything. I’ll add more to this if I remember. If there are any angles of attack I might’ve missed, I’ll probably edit the doc to include them for future reference. Should something like that happen, you will be informed.

Until then, do enjoy.

You can download the game here [pdf]: The Truth Lies In Velvet


Are the images meant to be blurry?
That could be a problem of mine, anyway.

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It’s an intentional filter for style. Don’t worry about it. (As in, it doesn’t actually contribute anything to the narrative or the solution, I just threw it in for shits and giggles.)

EDIT: I’ve slightly changed the doc so that the window in the tower is lowered on the diagram (since I realized its position was too high given what was described in the narrative). As I was doing that, I realized I should just save myself time for any later potential misunderstandings later and also added that none of the diagrams are a perfect 1:1 representation, but rather a visual prop to help you understand how everything looks and the general layout on the rooms. I’m awful at making diagrams, so when in doubt, just ask me to clarify where something is.

Also – no, just because the label “Window” is now lowered and closer to the roof of the mansion on the diagram does not mean there’s a window on the roof of the mansion.

EDIT 2: I’d slightly misremembered where Nanjo’s bed was meant to be placed. The narration, if you’ve downloaded an earlier version, states it’s across the door but it’s actually just beneath the window.

So do treat the bed as being underneath the window and proceed from there. Doc’s been edited to accomodate for this.

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I’d say we start with some basic assumptions.

  • Gohda can’t be the culprit.
  • This mistery involves no string tricks.
  • Nanjo is dead.
  • Rudolf is dead.
  • Kinzo is dead.

There shouldn’t be a wordplay regarding the deaths (like Rudolf dying somewhere outside the story), all purples apply to the context they’re stated in.

Also, dead people aren’t 100% innocent, it wasn’t confirmed yet.

Obvious as they are, it’s always useful to write them down. Anyone can contest them, if they want.

Also, another minor change that should make no difference, but just to note:

Kinzo’s purple about the tower window (the first of the two, I can’t remember the exact wording) obviously doesn’t mean that it’s literally impossible to reach the window under any circumstances. It’s more referring to “from where you’re standing, you can’t reach that shit”. Obviously, if you had something like a ladder, you could reach it, hence why Kinzo asks Genji to be sure no tools were brought along by Rudolf.

I think you’ve already assumed as much, but just so there are no misunderstandings, I’ve changed the wording of the paragraph to be:

Kinzo chuckled from the doorway.
KINZO / “Don’t think about it, in case you decide to try and escape. (Purple) You can’t reach the tower window by standing at the bottom of the tower, much less anything above. Unless you can jump six meters in the air, which you can’t.(/Purple) The stones are all perfectly in place and evened out, (Purple)so you can’t climb your way to it either.(/Purple)”

really sorry about all these changes and corrections, but in a game where wording is extremely importnat, I don’t want to leave anything to chance or misunderstandings. But more importantly, I didn’t want anyone claiming Rudolf could jump six fucking meters into the air

The doc has been updated, I’ve scanned it a bit more and I really don’t think there should be anything really questionable left. If there is, feel free to ask.

Did I miss something, or is it never clarified why Krauss actually went to the storage room? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

No, I didn’t clarify it. Take it as you wish.

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Rudolf’s bruises suggest he might have fallen down from somewhere, so I’d guess the window is the way to go.
Of course if he did get a ladder somehow he might have used it as a ‘bridge’ to Rosa’s room or maybe even the roof.
…Yeah, not sure where to take that, just throwing out ideas. Those maps have to exist for a reason though.

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Food for thought I guess. I’m thinking there’s a similar vent in all the bedrooms (the medical room used to be a bedroom), so there’s probably a vent across from the door in there as well. That would lead down into Nanjo’s room, and is positioned conveniently over the window, where Nanjo’s bed would be. That would be a nice way to get the key back on Nanjo…


I was asked about this, so I’ll clarify.

Genji’s line:

GENJI / “I’m afraid that’s not possible. There is no way to reach the tower window from the outside.

Can be taken absolutely decisively. With Rudolf, it was easy to dismiss the chance of him getting to it by denying him anything to get in. From the outside, there’s far too many variables for me to deal with, so I just decided to get rid of all chances. Assume that there aren’t any ladders or stuff like that available if you need justification as to how this pans out.

Okay, got some sweet string memes brewing:

Just kidding.

It seems likely the mystery man sneaking around the mansion was Rudolf himself. He found someway to get up to the window, and had actually smuggled in the trenchcoat/hat instead of food. He jumped from the window, explaining the bruises found. However, he still walked it off and snuck into the mansion via a rope hanging from the dining room window. From there, he sneaks into Kinzo’s study with the intent of finding the will. The whole premise here is that the children have no idea what Kinzo intends to actually do if he carries out his suicide. So, Rudolf wants to have all the information and then decide whether to stay in the tower (forcing Kinzo’s will to be enacted), or to give up, avoiding the will’s contents.

He finds the will, and runs into Kanon, who chases him upstairs. Rudolf escapes via the hallway window upstairs, grabbing onto the rope hanging out of the dining room window directly below (hence the undisturbed mud).

From here, things get hazy. Knowing the contents of the will are beneficial for all the siblings, Rudolf has no reason to murder anyone. Krauss is suspicious since he might have been stashing the wet trenchcoat/hat in the storage room. If the culprit is not Kinzo, then it is likely the killer waited for Gohda to leave his post, then quickly slip into the passage, kill Kinzo, take the key from him, and leave, sealing the passage behind them. My money is on Krauss right now, he’s the only one who the purple statements would allow to slip away after Rudolf’s discovery (and hence Gohda leaving his post) to kill Kinzo.

Thinking about it a little more, killing Nanjo might be to point the blame towards Genji. Him being out of the picture gives Genji the whole mansion to himself, and we know that Genji was one of the few who knew the contents of the will in the first place.

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I forgot to add a purple in there.

My bad.

This is how it should look like. (An extra line from Natsuhi.)

Really, again, my bad, doc’s updated. I can’t at this point be guaranteeing it’s all patched out, so you might as well take it as a preemtive red or something.

Ugh. I am not great at this one.

Alright, I’ve gone through the thing yet again. The only other change I’ve made is here:

HIDEYOSHI / “Certainly, neither me or Eva ever left anyone’s sight since we found Rudolf dead.”
EVA / “I haven’t left Hideyoshi’s side once tonight.”
GENJI / “Kumasawa and I never left anyone’s sight since we arrived in the study after Gohda came to get us from the kitchen.”
KUMASAWA / “Th-That’s right! I’ve been next to Genji ever since Rudolf’s body was found!”

At this point, you’re better off downloading the newest pdf so all this mess is fixed up, because not even I can keep track of the changes entirely.

I’m pretty embarrassed by this, to tell the truth. I really think that this should now be it, though. But at this point, who can tell - I certainly can’t. I can’t say much but sorry. I hadn’t considered a certain line of reasoning in this case and I got burned by it. This really should be it, I think.

I hope.

I guess it is also safe to say that there are no hidden passages.

Furthermore, what is the deal with the ventilation shaft bit? Jessica said it is connected to the room below hers, which is the kitchen? Unless it’s not directly below? It has to be relevant in some way.

EDIT: I also assume it is possible that there are multiple ventilation shafts within the mansion. I also just realized Xak posted this way before me. Ignore this post lmao


Step by step.

If we assume someone lied about the state of the passageway, then Kinzo is not the culprit because someone else is.
If everyone told the truth, then we have a passageway with only two exits. The key to the tower isn’t inside the passageway and the other exit can clearly only be locked from the outside.
Therefore one of two things happened: Either the culprit left through the door to the mansion and locked it from there, or they went into the tower and used the key to lock it from there.
In either case, Kinzo cannot be the culprit. I’ll trust my logic on this.

Just in case someone wouldn’t put it past him to jam a knife into his own forehead.


Cracked the letter to R, it’s in ASCII:

“Tower is 13m high not 9m
Ceiling at 9m cen be removed
Push 34th stone from right of
door 3rd one from the bottom”


blessed typo

Theory: Rosa, who had previously been to the tower, knew about the ceiling secret and hid a letter inside Rudolf’s backpack. She planned on Rudolf escaping the tower, and it was all a part of her conspiracy to kill him. (none of this explains the latter murders but fuck it)

Bonus points: Rosa’s room is directly above the servants’ room and she kinda had access to the top of the passage from it.

Nanjo is mentioned to have lived there all his life, probably including when the tower was built. His chances to know might be better than the children, who were explicitly said to have been away when it was built.

I’m thinking that the vents are a big clue to solving this mystery, as well as Krauss’s useage of the storage room.

We know from the room layout, that the storage room is connected to the cousins room. The wound on George’s hand supports that theory as he stuck his arm into the vent below and got a gash for his troubles.

Krauss has the weakest alibi as he was in the storage room looking for something. What that something is isn’t brought up by him in White or Purple text as nobody questions him on what he was looking for exactly.

Then there’s the bruising on Rudolf’s body as well as his clothes not being soaked. The bruises could be explained by someone punching him hard enough to create the bruises. The clothes not being wet may be from using the hidden passage hinted in the letter, in which the weather outside wouldn’t affect the clothes.

I’m aware that this theory may have a few decent sized holes, but that’s the best I have for now.

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Very likely what Krauss went to the storage room to retrieve is what cut George’s hand - i.e. the knife that killed Kinzo, stashed away in the vent. This means that Kinzo was still alive when the knife was in the vent, at ~9:31. So, let’s begin:

[color=blue] The culprit is Krauss. The only window he’d have to kill Nanjo is before the discovery of either Rudolf or Nanjo’s bodies. He has no alibi (in purple) for his time in the parlor, so lets go with the easy solution and say he snuck into Nanjo’s room shortly after Rudolf is locked up, suffocates him, takes the key, and leaves. He drops it back into the room via the vent in the medical office. This could all be accomplished under the guise of a bathroom break or the like during his time in the parlor with the other siblings. [/color]

[color=blue] Next, Rudolf sneaks out of the tower with the intent to find the will, now that Kinzo is out of the study. He accomplishes this using some sort of climbing equipment he had hidden in the fake ceiling of the tower, which would drop down when he removes the stone noted in O’s note. He also prepared the trenchcoat and hat to shield himself from the rain. Rudolf falls from the window, sustaining minor injuries. He sneaks into the mansion, enters Kinzo’s study and ransacks it, finding the will. He then evades Kanon and jumps out of the hallway window down into the dining room window. He is knocked out by Krauss, who spots him on his way to the storage room. Krauss carries him back to the study, and kills him there. This route evades Natsuhi’s vision. [/color]

[color=blue]Krauss retrieves the knife from the storage room and hides it on his person. He also hides the trenchcoat and hat he took from Rudolf’s corpse. In between the time when Jessica screams and when the entire group gathers at the study, Krauss slips away and kills Kinzo, entering the passage via the servant’s room (after Gohda is lured away by Jessica’s scream). This is before his alibi in purple is valid. [/color]