This Story is Not Very Good - Impromptu Roleplay

Most of the papers seemed to be in what looked to be Aspi’s handwriting. These papers had a single phrase scawled on them over and over again: “ROKKENJIMA IS DEAD”.

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Aspirety rouses from his slumber. “ffs picto” he mutters to himself as he examines the room for any other doors or entrances.

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I keep the knife on me. It’s my friend now.

I walk up to Rabla, and waving the knife around I ask “You can use magic? That certainly is something!” with a curious look.[/quote]

“I feel it is only fair if I give you a fighting chance of navigating this place.” The sorcerer tossed a piece of paper to each of the present voyagers which seemed to have a map of the area the game takes place in.

“The former group awoke in the larger of the two rightmost rooms while the latter awoke in the smaller one.”

“Supposedly! If you have any ideas for what I should try, let me know.”

and since i apparently can

Rhythmia exits her room, passes the shark uncaring, and fails to leave the bigger room upon attempt. She close the doors she uses behind them.

I examine my pen to verify whether the ink is the same, and whether the notes are written in my handwriting.

Remember if we check all the rooms at the beginning that we’re going to basically doom the roleplay. I guess if we post unquoted text, it counts as OOC, right?

As Vayalite leaves, Havel takes the opportunity to follow him through the open door. Now in the hallway, without having to open a door (yay!) he goes around and looks further.

Does he find anything notable?

[quote]“Hmm~ intriguing.” After saying that I turn and leave.

I head over to Aspi’s room. As soon as I see the plus sign though I turn around and start carving a minus sign, a multiplication sign and a division sign into the nearest doors.[/quote]

The door against the longer of the two walls that Rabla tried to pass through is locked! Please adjust your moves accordingly after you read the rest of this information…”


Now that the room has gone quiet you can hear a slight something in the background… If you listen really hard you can make out a distant “Nep Nep Nep” on loop.


As you attempt to leave through the door against the longer of the two walls you notice it seems to be locked, with a thin transparent crystal layer encasing the doorknob. You can attempt to identify it if you wish.


It seems to be so, although you don’t remember doing such a thing.


However there is only one door in that room. How do your plans shift?

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In this case…

Havel attempts to look around the smaller room, since he sees Karifean is already on the task of searching the first room (no he isn’t, but drawing strange symbols seems to make one look busy) so he stops doing that. He holds his hand out to Aspirety, trying to ask him for the pen. Unfortunately, since he cannot speak, he must do it via gesture…

Carving into the shark with a mere butter knife should have been a difficult task, but your belief in the malicious theory that you were capable of such a thing seemed to empower the knife with some kind of black energy making it surprisingly easy to do. Once you finish the task the energy fades, allowing you to lick the knife. It’s a completely different yet equally delicious taste.

So uh, I’m doing a secret move I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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