Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

Since Nintendo just released a trailer for their upcoming console. the Nintendo Switch, today; and I know there are a few Nintendo fans here, so I thought why not ask all of your opinions on what was shown. The Switch looks like it’ll be able to have a few different ways to play it, and even third party games.

I think that it looks like a promising console that’ll be fun to play whenever it releases. If it has a few launch titles and a some set of titles that’ll release within a month or two after, and if the price is right, I was thinking of getting it for my birthday.

So those were my thoughts, I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s, opinions on what we’ve been shown so far.


Battery life. That’s the make or break factor on this thing. If it has bad battery life, then no way in hell will I be buying it.

Otherwise, I’m all on board.


Yeah that’s for sure. Without a reliable battery life than the entire mobile hybrid draw would be lost, it could still be a good console but it sure would lose some of it’s appeal.

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I think performance is going to be the big issue for a lot of people. The Wii U and Wii were both weak for their generations. The Wii was able to make for it by selling a lot of units at the beginning with the motion control gimmick then taking advantage of the large userbase, but the Wii U really suffered.

I’m still waiting for more info but I’m almost certainly going to end up buying it.

I agree about the WiiU suffering a lot, mind you I don’t think did a good enough job marketing that it was a new console than the Wii altogether. I own a WiiU now and find it fun to play with my brother, I just wish there was a larger variety of games than what I see at my local Walmart.

It seems that Nintendo has made it fairly obvious that this is a completely new thing. Plus I think the draw of it being a mobile console as well as having third party games sometime after release will give it more attention than the WiiU.

Isn’t it supposed to be pretty good performance wise, albeit less so than the other new consoles that will also be released.

I think it’s great! Considering that this is the successor to both the 3DS and Wii U, we know that it’s a quantum leap ahead of the 3DS in terms of power! Seriously, that screen was what, 400x200 resolution max? Not the most powerful thing. Going up to a HD handheld with the power of a home console is a quantum leap for Nintendo.

But I just love the idea of Nintendo finally bringing its handheld and console experiences together. No more balancing act, Nintendo can focus on bringing out great game experiences to all of their customers.

Well, mobile games aside :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be honest I expected nothing and was suprised. It looks really good Now my dream is a new Animal Crossing for NS. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I honestly wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening, but once a friend shared me and my other friends a link to the trailer, I was honestly hyped. Even though I’ve been a pc gamer, since I didn’t have any money to buy any consoles and they would take up some space, I might consider saving up and buying the switch, since I can even go outside and play with actual people as well. Granted as @pictoshark said, battery life better be damn good, or else, nopenope.

I personally don’t like combining the handheld and console since I like being able to have something to play while my mom or sister hogged the console playing Animal Crossing (and now we’ll need to fight over it, as if our fights over Mario Party weren’t bad enough). Plus, there are some games that don’t work well on a handheld screen or a console screen (like most VN-type games). But it’s cool for Nintendo to test out new things.


Battery life will be an important issue, yeah, but it won’t break anything for me. I carry around a portable power supply with me most of the time anyway, so that won’t be much of an issue.

I may be the black sheep there, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with what I saw.
Tho it’s not like it gave me a negative view either.
Ultimately to me a console is about games, and the games released on it will determine wether or not it’s worth buying. I’ll wait for a serious lineup of games before making a judgement of wether or not this is worth buying at all. Third party games will definitively be the determining factor there.

Small thing to add tho, I do think that this new console of nintendo is more indicative of the WiiU’s faillure then anything and as a general rule I think it’s too early in the 8th gen to release a 9th one. However I guess I understand that Nintendo want to use their portable success to attack the console market that is currently dominated by Sony. I wonder if the next step is the opposite from sony?

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If they’ll have a good selection of games early on after release I think it’ll be worth it. Nintendo will have to do this in order to make up for the poor starts of the 3DS (lack of games for awhile after release killed that system for me) and the WiiU’s poor sales compared to other consoles altogether.

Well I mean, this trailer wasn’t meant to show off games, it was meant to be a first peak at the console that will play the games which we’ll be seeing announced in the coming months. It’s not a bad attitude to have, but that’s not what they were trying to show yet. But yes, remain sceptical until you see games you want to play.

Regarding generations, i believe this is a very intentional move by Nintendo to break free of the generations entirely. It’s been long accepted that Nintendo are in a separate market from Sony and Microsoft. It’s very very rare that a console owner owns a Nintendo console and none of either an Xbox, Playstation or PC. Nintendo is it’s own market outside of the rest of them, and I feel like releasing this new console at the midway point of Generation 8 is going to completely pull it outside of the ‘console race’ of Microsoft and Sony entirely. I feel like this is a very good move.

That a trailer for a new console didn’t show off games, even if it wasn’t meant to, is basically what left me unimpressed xD.
As for your point about breaking free of generation, if that means a Nintendo console will have a short lifespan like the WiiU will most likely have, I’ll keep that in mind a lot before buying new nintendo consoles. Outside of games this is definitively a thing that matters a lot to me.

No, that’s not what I mean. Basically, it’s like this.

Up until this point, the terms ‘console race’ and ‘console generations’ have made sense, since each company released their consoles at similar times, at least within 12 months of each other. This separates the consoles into clear generations, which allows people to draw comparisons between the different consoles of a generation. With the Wii U (rest in peace), it’s generation got cut-off very prematurely,about halfway through this generation I estimate. With Nintendo releasing the Switch in March, they have essentially broken free from the generational grid. They are now QPU misaligned, and people will be less likely to compare it to the other consoles, since it exists independently of the generations, and as such, independent of the ‘console race’.

It’s an interesting move, but I think it’s a very wise one.

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That works only under the assumption that Switch will outlive the Xbone and PS4.
Still in all technicality I would say that Switch is the successor of the 3DS, just one that consolidates both world, and that hopefully for them will keep the same popularity as nintendo handheld had.

I never liked the wii much or the wii u, I hated motion controls always just stuck to the ds/3ds. This new console for me is just, “oh look time to buy the new Nintendo portable” This for me was like the best news I’ve ever heard. No more having to worry about X game being on the wii and not the ds.

Why did I need a wii u when I can get smash for the ds? They said they were probably going to give us mario maker for the ds and they are so another reason why I don’t need it. Instead of making one zelda game for the ds and one game for the wii they can just make two for both! I could care less about power or battery life, most of the time when I play my ds I am at home anyways. I mean it is kind of a lose lose for Nintendo right now. I want to be able to buy the games I want on one Nintendo device. Right now you buy one Nintendo console and only get half of the Nintendo games so to speak.

Btw the new generation of kids just play on phones and tablets, so this will appeal to them a ton. I think it is a very good move.

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Not only are they merging the console and handheld markets, they’re also merging their staff. The Nintendo switch will have twice the number of developers of any console they’ve ever made, so we can hopefully expect twice the amount of games too!

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Gosh that Zelda bundle is so tempting, but I’m going to have to put off buying the Switch until more games come out. coughmaybeifpokemoncomesoutcough

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I think it’s probably going to fail, as most gamers already have a PS4 and XboxOne. The only reason to buy a Switch for them, would be for the Nintendo exclusives, which as the Wii U showed us, is not enough to pull in sales for a system. The Switch’s gimmick while kind of cool, does not look like something that can push too many systems out of it. I think at this day in age, what Nintendo needs to do is cut back on the gimmicks, and just focus on making quality hardware that is up to par in specs to what the competitors dish out, as low specs cause third parties to shy away from porting over their games from other systems onto their’s. I mean, the game that is getting the most attention for being ported over to Switch is Skyrim, which is years old already.

The joycons are holding the Switch back. They have too many gimmicks that they don’t know what to do with. The only acceptable feature that they have for me is the HD rumble, because that looks more like an advancement on controllers that is here to stay, rather than just them throwing in whatever onto it. But with all the motion controls and what not, it’s driving their cost up too high, and as a result driving up the cost of the console. The motion controls also go against the entire initial point of the system being portable. Trust me, nobody is going to go around out in public playing 1, 2, Switch or ARMS.

But with that said. Man am I excited for Fire Emblem Warriors. Purchasing the console this holiday season just for that.

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