Umineko Anime Group Watch (11:00 pm UTC 7/4/17)

I’ll join for the shitposting. ‘Mememaster’ is my second name, after all.


Ok so I’m going to put forward two times. Either @Aspirety’s suggestion of 12 am UTC or 9 pm UTC. Either way it would be 21/1/17.

I’m thinking that we play it by ear for this. We’ll watch until we reach a good point where people are not really wanting to watch anymore. Whoever wants to record can do that. People who have read the whole story please do not spoil the plot. Obviously you know this but if you are going to be drinking I’m asking that you please don’t accidentally give something away. I’m sure there will be scenes cut

I’ll be voting for 12am UTC.

I’ve decided to go with what @Aspirety suggested and officially say 12 am UTC. Unless you can convince me otherwise we’re going with this. See you then.

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Can’t say I’m too fond of the time you chose. An hour or two earlier would be nice.

We can manage that if we need. I didn’t hear anything for a while about times preferred except for @StarTurner. I can do an hour or two earlier if people want but they have to tell me.

To bad that time isn’t suitable for me, that weekend I’m going to participate in the Global Game Jam.

Is the session going to get recorded? I’m very curious in what the reactions of the first time viewers are going to be.

That’s a shame. We’re hoping to get someone to record it so you should be able to watch our reactions if we can get that going.

I’m up for that time +/- a few hours, not sure if I’m looking forward to it or dreading it but it’ll be fun :push:

Yeah youll probably wanna go a little earlier to accomodate Europe. I can manage 1-2 hours earlier

So are we going earlier?

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Yeah we are going earlier. I’m just going to move it 2 hours earlier for those of us in Europe. If you are on Discord that’s where we’ll be doing the voice chat. We’re going to be using to do the simultaneous viewing. I tested it out with a friend and it seemed to work alright. If you can, try and meet up a couple minutes before the stated time so that we can get everyone in the room before starting. If you want to join later on you’re more than welcome. If you have to leave part way through that’s fine too. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Count me in.


Is anyone ready to join?

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is it the time yet?

We’ve watched the first episode so far.

Where? How can I join?

On Discord.

Well guys, thanks for coming out. I had fun and I hope that we can do it again soon. I’ll let you guys know when we’ll be having it again. For those who couldn’t watch with us, we got up to episode 6 so we’ll be starting on episode 7 next time. If you wanna catch up for the next group watch you can, or you can just jump in since I wouldn’t want you to have to suffer through all that alone. If those of you who came could give some feedback just pm me on how I could get the thing to run a little smoother that might be best.

We a lot of fun! I hope we can organise a follow-up session soon.

I’m curious how much buffering people had to experience watching that. I didn’t get much personally, but we had some issues of rabbit dropping people out midway. Given that, I still recommend just watching it on our own computers instead of rabbit, but I don’t mind either way.

I also think we could push for more than 5 episodes a session; it’ll take us ages to get through if we stick to that! Most people stuck around for hours after the viewing so I don’t see 10 or so episodes being much of an issue.

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