Umineko Tea Party Podcast 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch

Umineko Tea Party Podcast 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch

Welcome once more, furniture and pieces, to our Umineko Tea Party. Territory lord Aspirety extends his invitation to all interested in observing our journey as we conclude the question arcs. Our contenders this week are Master NotKyon, Master Seraphitic, and joining us for the first time is soggysadboi. With all the pieces presented, our witch hunters have sharpened their blades and prepare to close in on the witch's mystery once and for all. Will their blades strike true? Only time will tell.

My humble thanks to all the forum members for their discussion of this Episode, and congratulations to Seraphitic for earning the prestige of Umineko Question Arcs Tea Party MVP. You will be rewarded with a forum badge and Umineko manga, which should be on it's way right now.

It will be several months before the Umineko Core Arcs are due to be released on Steam, so in the meantime we hope you'll consider challenging 07th Expansion's other stories with us. The future of our podcasts is not certain, so if you'd like to see us continue the Higurashi Tea Parties with Tatarigoroshi, please read through it and share your impressions of the chapter in the forum topic. Or if you'd like to see podcasts for Higanbana or Rose Guns Days, give them a read, write some words on them, and let us know if you'd like us to host Bookclubs for them. Until then, this voyager rests his pen.

If you'd prefer to download and listen to the Tea Party offline, we've prepared an mp3 you can download here. For more information about the Umineko Tea Party, including links to relevant forum topics and future episodes, keep an eye on our Umineko Tea Party Page.

All music used in this podcast are the property of their respective rights holders. Feel free to message me if you'd like to know the source of a music track.

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