Who here owns Tabletop Sim (and who doesn't)?

Just checking numbers for future plans for Tragedy Looper games or something, and whether the aforementioned game should be played on Tabletop sim or on the forums.


Well my bf got tabletop sim as a birthday gift today, so now I technically also have it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Tabletop sim myself!

Well, the topic also asks who doesn’t have it, so…yeah. I don’t have it.

Even if I did have it, I have no idea if it will run on my computer or not. ^^;

Don’t have it either. Should I get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

How bad is your PC? Like TTS can run on toasters as far as I can tell. What game can you play on that rig? As long as you’ve got the RAM (4GB) it will probably run, and if it doesn’t work you can steam refund it if you didn’t play it for too long.

Well TTS has pretty frequent Secret Hitler lobbies, and I heard that you like that game quite a lot. It’s got plenty of replayability too. There are a TON of games up on it’s steam workshop.

I know $20 might seem a little steep for some, but it really is that easy to get an amazing amount of hours out of it, especially if you can find a group to play with you often.

If you’re willing to buy a gray market key (it’s against my ethics, but whatever floats your boat is all that matters) then you can get it for around $10.

I’d recommend it overall, to both of you.

The most resource-intensive games I can play on this computer for extended periods of time are 100% Orange Juice and Valkryia Chronicles. The former occasionally shuts down my computer due to overheating, and the latter moves slow to the point where it’s just barely playable.

I have barely half that much RAM on this thing.


well shit. ummmmm. fuck. Well TTS has frameskip so it would just be REALLY choppy. and that wouldn’t really matter for board games i think? Ummm, maybe you shouldn’t get it.

I own Tabletop Simultaor, and am able to play any game on it with my computer.

I own Tabletop Sim, but i only played it for 1 hour. haha

I own it, and play warhammer over it. Its quite a good way to play boardgames like that without paying the highway robbery for the models that they expect you to.

I also have table top simulator. Mostly got it for tragedy looper.


i do

I bought it in the summer sale! Now to only get a pc!

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Should mention that I recently acquired the game during the summer sale as well. Been having a lot of fun with it with the guys over at Kazamatsuri after DOTABATA was released on the Workshop. If we do anything similar here on Rokkenjima, I might be up for it. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have it. I’ve been meaning to get it eventually though. Seems like it could be fun.

Define “own” :joyful:

I don’t have one. I hadn’t even heard of this until I came to this forum.

I completely forgot about Steam Summer Sale, thanks exams. Might pickup on the next sale.

Just for completeness I want to include that I’ve owned it for a while…

…though most of you already know that.