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Hello I’m Aurora. I’ve lurked here for a while and thought I might as well join, as well as many of my fellow friends also reside here. I live in the United States (Ohio), I’ve read the Umineko VN and parts of the manga and am trying to get into Higurashi VN, I’ve seen the Higurashi anime (and technically the Umineko anime, but we don’t talk about that). My favorite is and likely always will be Umineko, but we’ll have to see how WTC 5 and inevitably 6 is. I found Rokkenjima on a google search, but some people have always praised it so I’ve considered joining for a while now.

Some of my interests outside 07th Expansion include other ‘mystery’ related vns such as Danganronpa, Ace Attorney, and one day I’d like to try finishing the 999 series.I also like some games in general, but mostly older games, as I find new ones are always out of my budget, that and I just prefer them stylistically. I also do some application programming and perhaps one day I’ll even get around to making a game, unless you count Umineko Online a game, but that’s 07th Expansion related so shhhh.


Welcome once more, @Aurora! Glad to see you join us. Are you one of the creators of Umineko Online? That’s very impressive! Someday I’d like to see a danganronpa-styled RPG on the forum.

Make yourself at home!

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Yes actually. I’m the head creator of that project (and another in the works that’ll be even better). It’s not all that impressive, looking back I could have done so much better, that’ll be handy later though.

I’ve been involved a few of those already so I’d be interested in that too. And thank you I will make myself at home.

Well guys ty for the opportunity in having me. The few months i spent with you was fun indeed. When it comes down to it, the whole reason i joined this community was for discord in the first place but seeing Aspirin one-sidedly kicking so called trolls, myself included while i was away, see screenshot without any warning from the server is quite demotivating. No i won’t be active on the forums nor am i interested in receiving the fancy titles since I’m already more than active enough on seacat subthreads at /jp/. But i guess depriving fellow like-minded fans from taking part on chat is just Aspirin’s way of things. I have always believed discussing visual novels anonymously and on equal grounds whether it is on forums or on chat makes more sense than playing rainbow goats, if you know what i mean ;). I dont like being pressured to take part on these closed forums and nowhere else just because some megalomaniac says so. And i’m sorry to say that. One might think I’m welcome to leave which is what i intend to to So yeah, have fun being an elitist server. Think whatever you may, mark me salty or delete this message to further prove my point. This was my last parting remark as Hibi nihihi.

Well Rokkenjima is a forum first and the Discord server is an addition, meant fundamentally to allow forum members to get to know each other better in a more relaxed environment. The main hub for 07th Discussion is the forum. That’s really all there is to it. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding there.

If that’s still too much, then well, that’s unfortunate. Best of luck finding a place more to your tastes.

No way!!! I live in land of the buckeye as well! It’s nice to meet another fan from the same state. It’s really interesting to hear you’re head creator of the Umineko Online project. Seriously, that’s really impressive stuff.

As I’m sure you are aware, there are plenty of fun things to do here on Rokkenjima! If you want to get into the Higurashi VN, I recommend following along with our tea parties! Aspi (and others) have hosted them all the way from Onikakushi to our current tea party, Meakashi! Once the tea parties are over there are podcasts that you can listen to (you can participate in!) that sum up the overall discussion during the tea parties. Please participate in them, as you can win cool prizes! I’ve also watched the Higurashi anime, and I can tell you that reading the VN is so much better.

I should also mention that if you want to talk about the stuff that happens later on in the anime, there are various spoiler threads where you can freely talk about stuff without worry of spoiling people.

Oh! Higurashi’s not all that’s on this site. We have Umineko too. Both places for those new to the story, and those returning to it. These are also tea parties (and have their own podcasts), and future ones will come as soon as Chiru is rereleased on Steam! I’m certain that these future tea parties will also have a lot of fun prizes to look forward to. Speaking of stuff to look forward to, we also have a hype train thread with all of the current information we know about the next WTC.

There’s a lot to do here on Rokkenjima, so I recommend you look around and get a feel for the place. Welcome to Rokkenjima!


Hi there, I’m Five from Egypt (don’t be racist please). I’m turning 19 soon and I’m studying programing right now.
I’ve known the “when they cry” series from when I was 12 (don’t remember how I found about it) when I read umineko vn and I liked it a lot. I’ve read umineko’s vn and manga and the higurashi manga (I didn’t read the vn though) and the higanbana vn and out of them all my favourite is umineko.
outside of 07th expansion I like anime, manga,key, jrpg, touhou and Bemani.
Something interesting about me: Hmmmm well I may be the only one who likes goat-kun in this whole site (don’t kill me).


Hello Five! I’m glad you’ve already read so much 07th Expansion! If you want to gush about Umineko, there are spoiler free sections, and full spoiler sections for each episode. The same goes for Higurashi. I super recommend reading the VN. I know the manga’s pretty great (I liked it better than the anime), but as someone who’s read the original VN I can tell you that nothing quite matches the atmosphere of the original work. In fact, you can read along with the Rokkenjima gang participate in our tea party!

Tea parties work sorta like a giant, online, book club. We all read together and then post our thoughts on it! Our current tea party is Meakashi! Please tell us your thoughts, as it can win you cool prizes. Everything discussed on the forum will be recorded into a podcast (and if you wish to be in the podcast, you can sign up!) once the tea party is finished.

We also do more than just Higurashi and Umineko here. There’s also a thread for other 07th works like Higanbana, Rose Guns Days, TRianThology, Hotarubi, and all we know on the next WTC. There’s also plenty of other stuff like gaming, Touhou, anime, writing, reading, even caffeinated beverages!

Don’t tell anyone, but I like Goat-hun too.
Shh… It’s a secret to everybody :wink:


Hey Five! I’m Pandora-one of the moderators here, welcome to our humble island of Rokkenjima!

Don’t worry, our site has a strict code against racism and general dickish-ness, so feel free to make yourself at home. While I am a bit busy atm, feel free to contact @StarTurner or @U4ea if you either want to know how the site works or what topics to check out as you cannot create topics yet in your current state.

Ooh, you started young as well? I got corrupted when I was nine through somehow discovering the Higurashi Kai anime on Youtube. Also, its nice to see someone that’s not from the U.S. Europe, or Australia, so really make yourself comfortable.

Though I would recommend getting yourself an avi, its easier to identify you that way.


Thanks @U4ea and @Pandora I appreciate your kindness.
And yeah I’m going to read Higurashi and Rose guns days vns (and Trianthology whenever it’s translated) once I finish the current vn I’m reading.
I’m looking forward to participate in discussions with everyone here.^^

Am quite late, but welcome to @Aurora and @Five, too! You both seem like interesting ones and well-versed on both Umineko and Higurashi, I look forward to having discussions with you.

Hello everybody! I’m MagusVerborum (or just Magus) from Australia, I’m 21.

I’d watched the Higurashi anime back in 2013 and loved it, but it took me a while to jump on Umineko (which consumed most of the last month of my life) I’m currently digesting it and thought this site looked like a cool place to chat about it.

I found the site through the Youtube video you guys posted about a week ago, I was looking at doing Youtube-content with a friend of mine involving Umineko (he’s never played it before and I’m super excited to be his gamemaster through it :stuck_out_tongue: ) and wanted to see who else was Youtubing Umineko related stuff. And now here i am!

Right now I’m mostly into TTRPGs, I’m running a game of Blades in the Dark and 90& of the characters are based off of the characters in Umineko. Where my fellow nerds at?

Something interesting? @Five real talk Goat-Kun is amazing. Best goat hands down. <3 Also my username is a latin translation for ‘Magician of Words’ I liked the name and I’ve never really felt the need to change it.


Which state? :sneaky:

New South Wales. Is this where it turns out I’ve actually known you all my life? Are you Andrew from down the road?

Dohh. I’m Victoria, but @Rabla is also from NSW.

Welcome to the community, glad you could find us! Which Youtube video were you referring to? At the moment we’re in the middle of discussing Higurashi Meakashi as a community for our Tea Party, so if you want to hop on board the discussions we’d love to have you!

I’d love to hear more about your Umineko-themed campaign. We have a few tabletop geeks around here, so I’m sure you’ll fit right in!

Also you should definitely get yourself an avatar so we can identify you easier :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the welcome! I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of you guys. The video was ‘What is the Rokkenjima Tea Party?’ I haven’t gotten around to listening to all the teaparty podcasts yet, it’s crunch time for the semester. As soon as all my assignments are over I’ll jump on them!

I’m looking for a proper avatar now, figure it’s gotta be Keiichi-themed (cackle cackle). As soon as I’ve done that I’ll gravitate towards the tabletop people.

Also @Rabla waves

@MagusVerborum Feverisly waves from the other side of the planet

Glad you found us through the youtube videos! It’s a shame you haven’t gotten around to the actual teaparty podcasts themselves though, as they are quite a treat! As Aspi said, our current tea party is Meakashi. You can hop in and follow along in just a few minutes (it’s much faster than listening the two hour podcasts!) and maybe win some prizes along the way!

I’m glad you’re loving Umineko! After all, without your love, it may not be seen! We have lots and lots of places to talk about all the crazy things that happen in the golden land. They are separated per episode, and there are spoiler free sections and full spoiler sections.

I can guarantee that Rokkenjima is full of nerds. You’re gonna fit in just fine~


Thanks for the welcome @Sapphire.
I’m looking forward to get into discussions with everyone here too.

@MagusVerborum yeah man no joke, Goat-kun is the best.


Even though we can only reply to each other every twelve hours (unless one of us stays up far too late) thank you for the warm welcome!

I’ve been meaning to read the updated Steam translation for Higurashi for a while now so I’ll do that and jump on the podcasts asap, I always enjoy a good theory discussion and it’s really inspiring to see that new people are finding Ryukishi’s work. I intend to help as many people to see it as possible.

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Hi everyone! Ive been on here for a little bit, but forgot to properly introduce myself.
I’m SmileyPers0n, I live in Ohio (hi other Ohio peeps). I first got into 07th expansion because of a friend who introduced me to Umineko then Higurashi. They then sent me the first arc of Higurashi over steam, and I loved it. I’ve read all the Higurashi arcs that are on steam, and the Umineko Question arcs, and I’m somewhere in the Higanbana First Night visual novel.
I found Rokkenjima through the same friend who recommended Higurashi to me.
Besides 07th expansion stuff, I love listening to video game music, and audiobooks (not at the same time) while crocheting. I also really like playing video games, though I’m not good at them.