Mafia Under the Clear Sky(Game Over)

Hmm, it is a little awkward to have the game presented as a 3/10 on the craziness scale and yet have a claim like that pop up so quickly with no list of roles or anything like that to compare it to.

Still, let’s hear some more thoughts. Assuming it is a true claim, who should picto use his ability on?

Since we have a new guy here, we probably should clarify that picto (short for pictoshark) is the identity behind MAFIA_Battler, which really isn’t a secret anymore after last game.

What are you taaaaaaaaaaalking about!

I’m a different person! Toooooootally! :wink:

Well, hello, the name of my piece is Mayu.

Regarding Battlers claim, I propose we vote who he should use it on and if we have a protective role I’d say protect the person we choose.
But really, I’m very skeptical about the truthfulness of that claim.

Took ages to reply, check

Actually went along with the ridiculous idea of publicly disucssing such a thing, check

Proposed protecting the person rather than me, check

Arbitrary skepticism, check

hey looky looky here!

The bait might have actually worked!

Sooooo…that’s not your power? That’s what I’m getting from this?

Other than you think Doldod is sketchy.

Went along with it, because we should do something, right?
Proposed protecting the person because if the witches kill you we would know that you were a townie if the witches kill the other one we wouldn’t, so I went with the safer bet in my book.
And I think skepticism is very appropriate, especially if you are admitting that that was a bullshit claim.

It was no lie, I really do have that ability.

What reason could I have for revealing it on Day 1 aside from the idiotic public discussion idea and setting a trap?

Well, idiotic public discussion and setting a trap are enough reasons to me actually. But if you really do have that ability and you didn’t like my proposal on how to deal with it let’s hear what you suggest.

I already know what I’m doing with it, don’t you worry…

Also, I’d love it if this game’s protector (if they exist) could guard me tonight!

I’m probably gonna die otherwise.

Well, it’s really good that you have a strategy for using it if you are really on a town team,
but I really won’t throw the possibility of you being a witch out right now. What you do with that ability if it works like you say it does is unconfirmable to the ones you haven’t used it on and if you get the protection and you are a witch, witches can make a safe kill tonight.
It’s all just speculation of course. If you are a townie we will know after your death or if we get solid evidence.

Sorry what? Making the Doc’s protection predictable is a terrible idea. It allows the Mafia to pick a different target and be absolutely sure they won’t be blocked. So if there’s a Doc/Protector here reading this, don’t just outright pick picto as your guard target, but also consider using it on someone else. If the Mafia think you’re going to use your protection on picto, they probably won’t target him in the first place, making the protection useless.

Still, I appreciate the attempt at making Day 1 more than a “duh we have nothing to go on yet” fest. So let’s try stirring things up a bit more.

Vote: EternalMagician

Unless this strikes gold it won’t be my final vote for reasons I’ll elaborate on later. But for now, let’s keep things simple. Why should you not be lynched, @EternalMagician?

Well we have absolutely no proof of anyone’s allegiance so far. From what I can see there’s only one person who’s acting strange but, since everyone probably knows who it is, that’s pretty much his ground state in Mafia.

So until we know anything more is it actually worth voting for someone?

But if anyone wants to know, I’m a Vanilla Townie with no special ability.

Other than that I don’t really have anything to add Shrug

I really adore the flamboyant airs that Mafia_Battler gives off. ‘Revealing’ an ability to spark up discussion so soon was a pretty neat tactic.

I’m not prepared to vote for anyone as of yet, and before anyone casts a vote, I would like to hear from Wonderlander and Antra. Any thoughts on Battler or the Protector situation?

Well it is pretty much a who’s bluff is better situation no? The protector will either protect Battler, or somebody else. If they protect Battler, that means a human is definitely gonna live, but the witches will probably strike somebody else because Battler is going to be protected, and therefore ensuring a human death in the process.

Plus, Battler’s ability is not that great, it just gives off trust towards him one by one. And that is not that fast enough. Plus, the possibility of it being a witch tactic still exists. So I would much rather have Battler not protected than somebody else, but I am telling to the protector this:

Flip a coin. If heads, protect him, tails, don’t protect him.

Hmm, alright, fair enough. Let’s turn to someone else who’s been rather quiet so far then.

Change Vote: Antra

Same question. Why should you not be lynched?

It certainly is, especially in a game like this, where there aren’t supposed to be that many power roles. Is it likely that we lynch Town? Yes. But it is also one of our main ways to get information, by both looking who voted for that lynch and who didn’t. And hey, my method of randomness (that no one’s going to trust anyway since even randomness cannot be proven) picked this one:

Vote: Karifean

So, uhh, since you like that question so much, why should you not be lynched?

You might want to be more careful with claiming this early.
Especially if you’re just vanilla - it narrows down the people that might have an actual ability for the mafia.

Because I’m town. As simple as that, really.

Any other reasons?