Mangagamer Updates: Higurashi Kai and Golden Fantasia News!

There’s been a slew of news updates recently from the Mangagamer Twitter!

Regarding Higurashi Kai’s Steam Releases, it turns out that all three of Tsumihoroboshi, Minagoroshi and Matsuribayashi are out TLC and Editing! Does this mean we’ll be getting the rest of Higurashi Kai sooner than expected, or will the releases proceed on schedule? Time will tell!

But that’s not all! Regarding Umineko’s fighting game Golden Fantasia, Mangagamer report that they are currently testing the new and improved multiplayer! I guess we can only wait and see what the new multiplayer is like, but here’s hoping it addresses some of the netcode issues and allows for smoother online multiplayer! Really excited to hear that they’re putting in the extra work to get it nice and ready.

No word on Umineko Chiru yet, but word on the Discord is that its development is well underway. Here’s hoping for some more news in the near future!

What do you think of all this news? Be sure to let us know in the discussion below!

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Awesome. Golden Fantasia was in dire need of better multiplayer so here’s hoping this is the improvement it needed.


This news is exceptionally hype, even it means I probably need to spend a solid week reading to catch up before hand >_<;

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Here’s to also hoping the the keyboard controls are less confusing. It’s nearly impossible to declare meta without a key mapper in the initial release.

Ahhhh get hype boys and girls, we’re gonna get to the bottom of what happened in Hinamizawa soon! Also I guess the Umineko Fighting game is gonna work better, that’s great news for those that play that.

Hyped for both of these announcements. I’d also love to see MangaGamer pick up Higurashi Daybreak, but that would require a full port from PSP, which is a lot of work.

Wouldn’t be unheard of. Himawari was a PSP port, wasn’t it?

I am very excited for Golden Fantasia. I’ve been dying to play it for forever. I haven’t heard much about it so I wasn’t even aware there were problems with mulitplayer and controls, but it looks like they’re working hard to fix them. Hopefully it releases soon.


I’m not sure if they will do it, but it would be cool if they had Steam integration for multiplayer so I could click to fight someone from my friends list.


I’m very hyped as well for the two announcements. I’ve been waiting forever for a translation to the Cross expansion of the fighting game, and we’re getting closer to getting an official english release of Saikoroshi-hen.


Does Golden Fantasia have spoilers for Chiru? I’m wondering if I should play it at launch on the offchance it comes to Steam before Chiru

Yeah theres a few character spoilers, I’d keep away from it until you read chiru, at least that’s what I did.

Ah got it, thanks.

I am confused as to why they’re releasing Golden Fantasia before Chiru, however much I love the fighting game. So many of the endings rely on the player having finished all of Chiru for them to make sense (even a couple of crack ones, good lord), not to mention the abundance of Chiru-exclusive characters with moves and taunts that are callbacks to Chiru. Hopefully, people who get up in arms over spoilers will have the sense to not play Golden Fantasia until after they finish Chiru.

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There is no proof that Mangagamer are releasing Golden Fantasia before Chiru.


However Mangagamer kinda sucks with not spoiling Umineko so…


I’ve noticed that about Mangagamer. Doesn’t help that their first tweet announcing Umineko for Steam had a fairly spoiler-y image.


I’m excited for all of them, although Umineko Chiru is the one I’m waiting for most of all. I wonder if it will be released this summer - I don’t really remember well, but didn’t they annouce the exact release date very little before the actual release last year?

They announced the date of the Question Arcs May 20th last year. The QA came out July 8th, I think. It was about two months before it came out then.

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Most excited for Higurashi Kai out of all of those news. Completed TLC and Editing is wonderful progress!