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I think RGD has a different kind of depth then most of other ryuukishi work. It definitively talks about touchy topics that few fiction addresses and in more brillant ways then most non-fiction people adresses it…
It does end up being controversial to some as a result tho… but personally I found it very brillant.
The fighting scenes CGs are really cool to me and having it turned into a minigame was a lot more fun then if it was passive entirely. Of course it wasn’t the most brillant thing ever, but it’s a lot better then what most VNs do out there. Also I personally enjoy playing this a lot more then what reading these action scenes in details would be like.
I would really enjoy if this ended up being animated, as I think it’d be far more easier to adapt then Higurashi or Umineko were (tho would still wish it wouldn’t be done by deen) but I feel like the chances of that are pretty low…