1- This is your usual chess game, except anyone can participate whenever they so want.
2- All of the pieces are represented by Umineko characters, each side representing either the Humans or the Witches team on Rokkenjima.
3- There’s a chessboard image being constantly updated with each selected move done by the players.
4- That said, anyone can play in either side if they want, and their move will be chosen as long as said individual is the first person to post a valid move after the very next image update (meaning, each time a valid move is done and the image updated with said move, the next valid move can be done by anyone willing to play, as long as they post first).
5- In addition to that, we also implemented a rule were each person must impersonate the character they requested the movement of. This pretty much means, they write a one-liner for that given move of said character, possibly interacting with the other characters surrounding him in the chessboard.

For an example taken from the original thread:

George b5 (which was attacking knight Chiester 45 in c6)
“I eat lots of bunnies during my many meals, missy. I hope you are prepared to get cooked”

The real fun in here will probably be the random interactions between the characters, some of which probably would never have interacted with these otherwise. You can use any spoilers as a meaning of comunication between the characters if you so want. Just don’t write stuff that is too screwed up at that, as it could go against the guidelines of this forum.

This whole thing follows quite closely Ryukishi’s way of creating character interactions and his plot building for his works, as said by himself “I just like to throw my characters in various circumstances and see how each of them will interact with each other and the given situation in hand during said chapter”… or something along those lines, during that interview. In other words, I’m sure it will be quite an interesting experiment to do in here as a game.

And as it is an experiment, feel free to leave suggestions as to how it could become better, any feedback is appreciated.

Just like in the last game, @edit_anon will be our image uploader (and in any circumstances where he can’t, I’ll do it).


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White starts.


Natsuhi C4 (because she activated the switch)


Oh crap, I forgot the Chessboard again (adding it for the sake of equality with the other threads).
My bad haha

Black’s turn.

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Uh… What happened to doing Higanbana chess next??

I can make a chessboard as soon as we come up with a layout. I’m not too familiar with Higanbana, so I’m afraid I don’t know which characters would be most appropriate for which pieces.

TBH I’d be up for running 2 boards at once!

What we could do is have the Humans vs Higanbana because Humans won last game, and then whoever wins that game goes against Witches.

or something
Though seriously we need a Higanbana team, I haven’t read the work otherwise I’d help there…

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There was also the idea of doing a Higurashi vs Higanbana board.

Human Side:

Marie - King
Sakaki - Queen
Bishops: Kanamori / Nafumi
Knights: Yoko / Takeshi
Rooks: Vice Principal / Izanami-sensei
Pawns: Hikaru, Midori, Shuuichi, Aya, Reiko, Yuki, Michiru, Tomoko

If you need help with the sprites I can help you, but ideally, we’d like Midori in front of Vice Principal and Aya in front of Izanami-sensei


I’ll see what I can do. I already have all the sprites.

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Oh alrighty, nice :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s something like this for the pieces?


Looks nice

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Alright. In that case, I’ll start making the rest of them.


Spirit side:

King: Mesomeso Marie
Queen: Higanbana
Bishiops: Headmaster, Sakunoshin
Knights: Sumire, Azami
Rooks: Black Tea Gentleman / Izanami
Pawns: Kyou, Yoko, Nurse, Hameln, Geragera, Renoir, Young Higanbana, Mirror Kyou

Try to keep Yoko opposite Takeshi, Hameln opposite Hikaru, Izanami opposite Vice Principal and Black Tea Gentleman opposite Izanami-sensei

Let me know if you need help identifying sprites for characters


I’ll be sure to let you know. So far the wiki is proving to be plenty of help.


Well then, I’ll make another Chess-themed thread along this one as soon as you are ready, I guess (exclusively for Higanbana)?
Hm… @edit_anon, call me if you need assistance managing two games at once (that’s kinda what I thought that would be a problem at first, but I can help with that for now).

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I’ll probably need someone else to handle the Higanbana board once I’ve made it, partly because I’ll have trouble remembering the character’s names, and partly to avoid getting spoiled.


That’s gonna be a problem… We only have a handful of people who’ve finished the game, let alone people who have access to all the sprites and know how to merge them to create images. And I’m way too busy to do that myself.

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