Cirno Roulette - Game I - [Over] ANTRA VICTORY

Welcome to Rokkenjima’s Cirno Roulette.

A game for people who don’t want to think much at all.

Ah all these long games we’re holding with so many surprises, where we’re all supposed to think, where deception is the norm, and we all have to be suspicious of each other. Let’s take a breather shall we. All there is to lose here is your life. What could go wrong?


  1. There will be a number of boxes set with numbers equalling the number of players still alive. One of them will be pre-determined at random to contain a bomb. Others will contain a cookie.
  2. Players have to claim a box. You cannot claim a box that another player already picked up. You also cannot claim more than one box per round. First one to come is the first one served, there will not be any debates about this.
    In order to claim a box post :

Box “number”

  1. The round will be live as long as I can watch over it. Meaning that the result of the boxes will be given before everyone claims a box, mostly for added dramatic effect.
  2. The round will end when either of these conditions are met :
    A-When a player exploded before all the boxes have been opened.
    B-When all boxes except one have been opened and none contained the bomb, in which case the last player automatically opens it up (and blows up).
  3. Afterward a new round will begin with new boxes. This process will continue until there is only one player left alive, which will then be proclaimed the winner due to having the highest amount of cookies.

Feel free to comment on things while it’s ongoing.
Also feel free to come up with a character and RP said character as things are ongoing.

Note : This gameboard does not require any thoughts, so there is no reason it should interfere in any ways with planned mafia games. It should also be over very quickly.

01. thesorceress - 2 cookies, 1 tea
02. Quixote - 8 cookies, 1 tea, 1 Cirno
03. Michael-Chama (Karifean) - 5 cookies
04. Renge Miyauchi (BunnyAdvocate) - 3 cookies
05. Blackrune Yuuka - 11 cookies, 1 tea
06. Okabe Rintarou (SleepingPliskin) - 4 cookies, 1 tea
07. Antra - 12 cookies, 3 tea
08. Bancho - 1 cookie
09. FlareNetworkC - 6 cookies
10. pictoshark - 9 cookies, 1 tea, 1 MaidZepfur
11. MaidZepfur - 7 cookies, 1 pictoshark
12. EternalMagician - 0 cookie - honorary member of Team Kyuu
13. The Iron Golem (King_Titanite_XV) - 10 cookies, 4 teas

Additional boring rules :
In order to make the game run fast enough, I will make it so a single round has a time limit of 24 hours. I understand timezone issues and being busy, and other issues such as becoming sick, but I also think that in most cases asking for a single message with a box number may not be too much to ask within that time limit. If I see anyone being too inactive and stalling the game too much in term of phases, I will have them either replaced or, if impossible, explode them and give free cookies to everyone else.
Also I will ask people not to post in the thread after the game began if they didn’t sign-up or are dead (You are allowed to make a final post for a dramatic death). Since there is no secrecy needed for this game we can probably talk about it in normal discord, but if enough people ask I will create a spectator chat.
Normal things about double posting being possible applies like any gameboard/not to edit posts.

Round 01 (over)
Round 02 (over)
Round 03 (over)
Round 04 (over)
Round 05 (over)
Round 06 (over)
Round 07 (over)
Round 08 (over)
Round 09 (over)
Round 10 (over)
Round 11 (over)
Round 12 (over)


Sounds good. Let’s see if I get blown up.

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You can sign me up!

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I will gladly have a piece of my own participate in this game~

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If this one isn’t too much work, then I’ll give this one a try. I’ve always wanted to get involved with the mafia games but they looked a little intimidating~

Bombs away~

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Sounds nice and easy.
I’m in.

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I am so joining this. Lets see how long I can last

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Seems like a simple enough game. sign me up.

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I’m in.

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Count me in. Let’s go lads and ladies (Holy cow I just realized lady is the female equivalent of lad. Mind blown).


Feh. Fine.

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Oh boy, I can’t wait to eat some delicious small bombs cookies.

(The trick is to always pick Box 9, isn’t it?)

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I’d bet that 9 will be a bomb,
Because only a ⑨ would pick 9.


That will work terribly well when there’s less than 9 boxes left XD but this is why this is a Cirno game.

Well I’m not saying no to cookies… I’m in.

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I will contribute with the rook piece Iron Golem specifically because despite being very large and very heavy he has the strange talent of being very good at being launched very far from big hits, like explosions. Think Team Rocket and you’ve got a good idea.

And with that I think we have 13 people - well, 13 contestants, not all of them people!



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I know. Well we can always play something just the two of us. <3

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Oh are we late? :mii:
Let’s put bombs in every box secretly, before Usagi sees. :cackle:

When you say that in public, that takes away the surprise out of it ;_;