It Walks In Our Home


– “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”

This game is a sequel to the gameboard “IT IS IN OUR HOME”. Before playing this game, I ask you to read the first gameboard.

This game is open to everyone. You did not have to participate in the first gameboard, nor do you need to be familiar with the current standing theories regarding the first gameboard (although, they may help with this one).

This is, of course, a double-edged sword. Using theories from the first gameboard to justify any sort of reasoning here will not be allowed.

Welcome back. I apologize for the delay.

You are eager to get started, so I won’t waste time. The only thing I have to say is: my sincere apologies for any disastrous typos and general wonkiness of the narrative. I wrote this as quickly as I could. Any major issues I hope to fix along the way with the help of players.

The rules are the same as they’ve always been (with only a few noteworthy… well, notes, which have been placed in bold below.)

◈ The game will be played through a traditional red v blue, with a few minor adjustments.
◈ Firstly - I refuse any and all requests when it comes to repeating something in red. Meaning repetitions like ‘the culprit had to enter through X’ or anything of the sort is out of the question. I am more than happy to clarify things you might’ve found confusing within the narration and would like a clarification on. But the general rule of thumb is that you’re free to believe whatever you wish - as long as it’s believable and makes sense within the narrative.
◈ Secondly - I am not obligated to respond to all blues, should I find them to be insufficient or do not hit all the necessary points to formulate a complete explanation for what happened. Meaning shots in the dark like ‘the murder happened at X instead of Y’ or ‘the culprit used X to get into the room’, which don’t explain the entire thing and potentially run into problems when explaining other parts of the case aren’t sufficient enough. Simply put - no room for shots in the dark. A blue must be a solid theory. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just needs to answer the key mysteries of the case.
◈ Thirdly - when responding, I am not obligated to use red. I am also allowed to ask questions and use reasoning of my own to counter your theories. It’s generally more interesting to use what’s in the story against the players and save the red for the necessities. But we’ll see how this one plays out.
◈ The victory conditions are simple. Who is the culprit? (This, naturally, involves explaning how they did it, as well, given the circumstances.) I am fairly lenient when it comes to victories - as long as the basic concept is understood by the players, I will concede.

The gaurantees are exactly what you’ve come to expect:

The culprit is the same person from the first gameboard.
◆ The culprit must be someone mentioned in the story.
◆ The culprit is the one who kills.
◆ There is only one culprit.
◆ The culprit is a human.
◆ There are no accomplices.
◆ An accomplice is someone who willingly and knowingly assists the culprit in the execution of their plans.
◆ The POV can be trusted. The perspective character, of course, can be decieved. But there are no deceptions such as glaring omissions like “the ceiling was secretly not there”. Given that this story features multiple perspectives, after recalling your approach on ‘Pact’, I will add further clarification. A reliable character can perform no secret actions during their narrative. Any and all passages of time will be noted, and should any key events have occurred during that time, they will be noted as well. Thus, the character can’t go off and perform a convenient murder between paragraphs. I won’t have it.
◆ For the purposes of the game, no master keys exist.
◆ No supernatural occurrences exist on the island, and no supernatural occurences were used to commit any of the murders.

Without further ado:

You can download the gameboard here [pdf]: IT WALKS IN OUR HOME

I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together.

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So much stuff to go through.

[color=blue]The knife was already lodged in Natsuhi’s head when she entered the bathroom. Kanon didn’t see it, and the shock of seeing it in the mirror ended up killing her.[/color]

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Good job with all those Divine Comedy’s references, I wonder why it is there, though. Maybe the murderer thinks everyone is a sinner and he is the one with the right to punish them?

I wonder the connection between this game and the last, is it a parallel universe or are they even more linked, somehow?

I noticed very few typos of which I’ll let you know.

Page 35, ‘the one’ instead of ‘one’.
Page 35, ‘cloud’ instead of ‘could’.
Page 48, ‘removed’ instead of ‘remove’.

Going by story’s order.

Asumu’s death is screaming Battler’s name, anyway. In my opinion Rudolf, thinking along those lines, opened the windows so that Battler wouldn’t be found guilty. Battler’s mental state is in question.

It is even further in question in his POV scene, where he seemingly allucinates, and doesn’t notice he’s been covered in blood for a while. I don’t want to claim he is definitely the culprit, yet, there are some problems with that theory.

[Color=blue] Nothing to explain with Shannon, Genji, Kumasawa and Gohda, the culprit killed them and disposed of them in his own fashion. Nothing to explain with Krauss as well, the key was outside of the room, Natsuhi was hit in the head, as she claims. No problem with George, Eva and Nanjo, as well. [/color]

[Color=blue] The culprit did exactly as Kyrie described with her room, he hit Kyrie in the head so she wouldn’t mess with his plans, then he set the chain from inside, removed the door from its hinges and then set them back from outside, after killing Rudolf. [/color]

[Color=blue] The culprit put the key to Rosa’s room in Natsuhi’s pocket, she unintentionally dropped the key while the others were searching the room. The others were checking the state of the room, and Natsuhi was too shocked to notice. [/color] Same could apply with Kyrie, but is a lot less probable.

[Color=Blue] The box with the vials Kanon found is not the same as the one in Kinzo’s study. Kinzo, untrustingly, went along when Kanon said it disappeared. [/color]
Or a way simpler one [Color=blue] Someone took Kinzo’s box, he refused to answer when Kanon asked if someone entered his room. [/color]

[Color=Blue] Kanon was put asleep, Natsuhi was killed in that time frame, Kanon was then woke up, he didn’t notice some time had passed. The time frame wasn’t so large that Kyrie and the others would find it strange Kanon returned a bit later. They suspected him, anyway, so they thought it would take some time to kill her. The key Kanon saw wasn’t the bathroom key. [/color]
Or simpler [Color=blue] Natsuhi found a knife earlier and killed herself with it, full of anxiety and despair. [/color] In this I ask you, would Natsuhi be considered a ‘culprit’? Someone else put her in that mental state, so I don’t know really.

[Color=blue] Someone in Kyrie’s group left the group after killing them, then they wrote the AH AH AH and met with Kanon. [/color]
[Color=Blue] Someone in Kyrie’s group asked to go to the bathroom, or asked to leave the group for whatever reason, Kyrie let them do it. That person then wrote the AH AH AH and met with Kanon. [/color]

Anyone in Kyrie’s group could have done all these things, following my theory (something will be denied for sure, though).

As for Kinzo’s death I’m a bit more uncertain [Color=blue] According to Kinzo’s precedent behavior, he wouldn’t have opened the study door, but he did it anyway, trusting the person on the other side enough, the culprit left and the door autolocked [/color]
Or a better looking one [Color=blue] The person they heard when they knocked on Kinzo study’s door wasn’t Kinzo, Kinzo had already died. It was someone from the group who faked Kinzo’s voice. If that’s true, Kinzo didn’t know about the murders, so he willingly let someone in and was killed, the culprit then left the door and autolocked it. The demeanor Kinzo had earlier in the day is explained, the culprit wanted to make it seem like Kinzo would never allow someone to enter the room, while he still died. [/color] This would also explain the box’s disappearance.

[Color=blue] The culprit then killed everyone but Battler. [/color]

I think Battler is the culprit, I just have to make the Ouroboros (which in my opinion is a big hint) fit in with the rest. My guess for now is that there’s something off with the timelines, but it’s still premature.

Unfortunately I can’t come off with anything incredibly good regarding the code formed by the six books. I thought of birth and death places, but we don’t know anything about the author of Cock Robin, so probably not.

Battler knew about Cock Robin, he found it in a mistery once. Is this the connection between this and the last game? This still makes Battler more suspicious, if anything.

I condensed all of my actual thought in this post, I apologise if there’s a problem with that.


Alright, let’s get round two going.

[color=blue]The culprit stabbed Natsuhi through a thin slit in the bathroom’s wall, unnoticed by Kanon.[/color]

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Well, uh, firstly, there was no mirror in the bathroom. Secondly, as the narrative implies, the knife was quite literally sticking out of her forehead. Kanon would’ve noticed it immediately. If not him, surely Kyrie or Hideyoshi.

Nevertheless. If I must.

[color=red]Natsuhi died due to being stabbed in the forehead. Her death was instantaneous.[/color]

Trying a barrage, eh?

Well, fair enough.

Let’s just cut this at the roots and let the good times roll.

[color=red]Neither Kyrie, Hideyoshi, Natsuhi or Kanon placed the key to Rosa’s room in Rosa’s room after the door to Rosa’s room was broken down - be it intentionally or unintentionally.[/color] ‘Unintentionally’ would, of course, include dropping the key.

I know that’s a lot of Rosa rooms but I have to make sure I don’t have to deal with any headaches regarding what door or what key or what time. I’d rather not have keyboi 2.0 on my hands.

[color=red]The box Kanon found in front of the library is the same one Kinzo had shown him the night before.[/color]

The question now would become how the culprit entered the study. As Kanon established, the only way for the culprit to get inside would’ve been by being let in by Kinzo himself. And yet, surely, Kinzo would’ve then been aware of someone taking the box of poison he would’ve had every reason to pay attention to, given his excitement over it earlier in the evening. Still, I suppose you can try rationalizing that Kinzo had some arbitrary reason to keep quiet, even if the culprit had done that.

So, for the time being, I’ll leave this be. I can accept that sometime on the night of the 4th, someone could’ve been let in and stolen the box, and that Kinzo dodged the question later. With so many mysteries, going in too hard on you would have be battling too many things at once. I merely ask you to think on this.

I’m afraid that won’t work. Due to the rule of reliable narration, Kanon would have definitely noticed had he fallen asleep or been knocked out, and he would’ve noted it within the narration.

Knew someone would try, though.

Suicide is still being ‘the one who kills’, with the victim being ‘yourself’. So the only scenario in which Natsuhi is allowed to commit suicide is if she’s the culprit.

The only people who would be able to do this are either Kyrie or Hideyoshi. Are you saying one of them is the culprit? If not, the actions described here are that of an accomplice, which is not allowed.

Even so, however, Kanon had come across the writing more or less immediately after running away – all he’d done was get away from the parlor door and started walking down the main hall when he came across the portrait.

Kinzo remained true to his word, unfortunately. [color=red]From the early morning of October 5th onwards, Kinzo wouldn’t have opened the door to his study to anyone.[/color]

I’m afraid I’ve already used up my ventriloquism trick somewhere else. [color=red]The voice the group heard was indeed coming from the other side of door and was definitely Kinzo’s.[/color]

[color=red]The bathroom at no point contained any gaps or holes through which a knife could’ve passed through.[/color] (This excludes the door and window, of course. However, no such gaps existed in them, either, just so we’re clear.)

[color=blue]Natsuhi faked her death.[/color]

[color=blue]Kinzo didn’t have his study key with him, meaning the culprit could just let themselves in.[/color]

You can’t fake a knife lodged in your skull. [color=red]Natsuhi was indeed dead when Kanon examined her body in the bathroom.[/color] And no, there was no point in the narrative where Kanon went away from the bathroom when she was faking it and came back at some later point where she would’ve been dead – I’m talking about the scene where he broke the door down and saw her corpse.

Hmm. Sure. I’ll let it slide for now. After all, he did mention having a guest before Kanon. A fair time the key could’ve been taken.

[color=blue]Natsuhi, in her wisdom, openedthe window to get some fresh air.
Culprit stabbed her. Then they flushed and turned on the sink to calm down our boy Kanon.
Next up they set up string with tape to the window lock with the other end inside the sink on a weight.
They put some ice on top of the drain so it wouldn’t fall in right away. Water was set to warm so the obstacle wouldn’t take long to melt away though.
Then they left and closed the window, and the weight pulled the string and locked it.[/color]

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Yeah, we’re having none of that this time around.

[color=red]The window in the bathroom can only be locked by a human hand directly locking it from inside of the bathroom.[/color]

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So if I add Natsuhi’s dead hand to the equation I suppose it doesn’t count as directly?

Same old, I know.

[color=red]The person whose hand is locking the window needs to be alive.[/color]


[color=blue]The knife was set up on the inside of the bathroom door. When the door was closed, it stabbed Natsuhi. The culprit was then able to unfasten the knife from the door via some string mechanism.[/color]

Almost there now.

[color=blue]Same thing except the culprit was still hiding behind the door and left before Kanon looked again. They figured they could try, and if it failed, just kill Kanon.[/color]

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We haven’t even started.

Kanon would’ve seen the knife during his search if that were the case.

More importantly, what about the toilet flushing and the sink being turned on?

If you wish to claim the culprit somehow took it, then there’s little point in having the knife in there to begin with. And as for the culprit’s potential escape…

I’d rather not deal with a million different versions of this, so let’s just eliminate the root. You propose the culprit would’ve been able to enter by Natsuhi opening the window and the culprit taking advantage of that to enter. I say: [color=red]Natsuhi never touched the bathroom window.[/color] Therefore, the culprit couldn’t have entered through there.

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Strange but possible, I think.

[Color=blue] The knife was inside the toilet tank, there was a mechanism so that when Natsuhi flushed the toilet the knife would pop out and hit her head, with the water pushing it. [/color]

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[color=blue]The person that entered the bathroom wasn’t Natsuhi. She got taken out while Kanon was checking the room. The culprit then left through the window, brought in Natsuhi’s body, did the flushing etc to cause distractions, then hid behind the door.[/color]

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I’ll let both pass.

You know that I know that you know that I’m bullshiting you and it won’t work out in the end, and you yourselves should sense there’s something unreasonable in both instances (in Rune’s especially), but you’re rushing into a battle which you are not entirely equipped for at the momment.

For now I think I’ll change my stance, and say [Color=blue] the knife was in the sink, Natsuhi was hit when she tried to wash her face, the knife was on the bottom of the sink’s tube and got pushed.[/color] That seems most likely, if anything, and explains the sink being turned on.

I know you passed, I’m saying this so I don’t forget about it whenever this case is brought again.

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Well then, let’s get other stuff out of the way I suppose.

Regarding the box, [color=blue]seeing how Kinzo’s other guest could have stolen the study key, they could have snuck into Kinzo’s study at some other point to steal it without Kinzo being aware of it.[/color]

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On second thought, it’s the first day.

I can’t having be too many passes.

[color=red]The key to Kinzo’s study was never pickpocketed off of Kinzo’s person. Kinzo had never left the key out in the open where someone could’ve stolen it, either.[/color] (I’m sure there are some variations of this, but I do suggest you just take this as ‘shit couldn’t have been stolen’.)

I guess the next step is to suggest Kinzo never had the key to begin with, but then Kanon’s narration and Kinzo’s own behavior make no sense.