Share Your MyAnimeList List

The most of us got into 07th Expansion through the Higurashi Anime or even the Umineko Anime and maybe some of us also watched a few other animes, so i guess we could share our MyAnimeList List.

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Here’s mine and feel free to add me. :bern:

I rarely update it, but I do have one of those:

Don’t have a Mal, but here’s my Kitsu:

im so cool

I have some pretty controversial scores on my list, but you’re free to look through it if you want.

Here’s mine!

I admit, I haven’t watched a lot recently…

Huh, never thought about the fact there was no MAL thread, good to see one has popped up. Here’s mine:

My list is incomplete since I just recently made it and I’ve watched and read a lot of stuffs I don’t consciously remember. But here’s mine: :blush:

I recently made a new MAL because my old one just seemed crowded with so many random things

I’m still adding some shows every now and then, I’ve definitely watched way more than I’ve listed on there!

this is mine ^^

I’ll drop my list here:

Yes, I’ve watched a lot of anime.

I haven’t updated my MAL lately, and my rating criteria is kinda abnormal, so yeah…hahaha…

Here is it!

I also don’t have a MyAnimeList (or maybe I do, I don’t remember), but I do use Kitsu.

Here it is. Maybe you’re interested in my bad taste…

Completly uncomplete:
Also completely uncomplete part 2:

I am organized! :blush:

Only made it recently so I may have over or under rated shows that I watched ages ago.

There ya go (under construction for years now, but yeah)