TRianThology Pre-Release Discussion & Speculation

Pre-Release Discussion & Speculation topic for Trianthology: Sanmenkyō no Kuni no Alice. Please tag references to other works with the [spoiler] tag, providing adequate context in parenthesis.


So, does anyone have any idea of when this’ll be released? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, what I am most interested in is who will take charge of the main scenario of this game? And what sort of format will it be? I’m sure everyone can’t help comparing it to rewrite and will be quick to assume Tanaka is in charge… But this is a 07th Expansion game after all. Perhaps Ryukishi is the main writer, and it’ll be an episodic series, much like Higurashi and Umineko?

I guess only time can tell

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What seems to be happening, is that they’re going to be releasing separate mangas that adapt the three individual stories, and the visual novel will be the thing to bind them all together. It sounds very interesting!

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The main thing I fail to get about 07th Expansion lately is how they always announce something big and it ends up being fairly little project compared to the When They Cry series.
At least that’s what I thought when they announced higanbana and rose gun days.
After those two I finally felt like I’m mentally strong enough to withstand the tease and don’t get overhyped. Then out of the blue they announce a project with the 3 writers of Rewrite and another project which is hinted to be greatly related to Umineko.

Do you guys expect any of the new projects to be the next big step in 07th Expansion works?

Although I’m writing this without reading any of the works after Umineko, I was always playing with thought, what if the little projects turned out to be one big project (the next wtc or something completely new), and Ryukishi just trolling us once again.

Well, I don’t think any of these are going to be the next When They Cry. Hotarubi may be connected to the WTC universe, but it seems to be very much its own story. Feels like more of a psychological thriller than a mystery so far.

TRianThology, at least, looks ambitious enough to be something exciting. I wonder if Ryukishi will ever write more stuff with a mystery focus.

You really should give Higanbana and Rose Gun Days a read. Higanbana packs a lot of punch for it’s length and has a lot to say. Rose Gun Days is short only by Ryukishi standards as it’s still over 50 hours of content between all the episodes. Absolutely worth reading too, it displays a lot of Ryukishi’s talents despite not being a mystery or fantasy story at all.

As for Trianthology I just hope it has more consistency between the writers than Rewrite did. Consistency is extremely important in Ryukishi works and Rewrite was a bit of a mess from that standpoint. Hopefully with Ryukishi at the helm he will put more of a focus on the three writers staying on the same page. Of course with three different worlds there is probably a lot less that needs to be consistent, just whatever characters/concepts they share.

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I love multimedia projects, so this information has me pretty hyped. Plus I am not immune to the Alice motif.

Okay, so a lot of information came out today! First we got a promotional image on the 07th Expansion website for one of the three worlds: the ‘School Romance Adventure’.

But digging a little deeper, we can see the the TRianThology website was updated to include an updated sprite of the girl, and lots and lots of details in different pages! We have story details of each world, character bios, and staff working on the game!

Only problem is… It’s all in a language I don’t understand, so I can’t exactly extract all the information from it just now! I’m hoping the community and get some info out of it.


This looks very gag-series like. The subtitle is something like “it would be improper to call it” so “To call this a School Romance Adventure would be Insolent” or something like that

The text below that says
"There is a legend at this school. Do you know it?"

and then something about it being at Summer Comiket I think. That part has a few kanji I can’t quite recall right now.


The summer comiket part is great news if its is true.

As for the gag stuff that might just be because today is April Fools Day. However the game was officially announced on April first as well and nothing from that announcement turned out to be fake, so who knows.


/u/Quof answered a few of my questions about this update on reddit since he has a rough understanding of the Japanese.

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There’s three different games here, “Vespio 2438”, “Gakuen Renai”, and something I’m pretty sure is “Country Girl”. Vespio is pretty intense sci-fi, Gakuen Renai is a generic gakuenmono with a protagonist who cares very little about being a protagonist, and Country Girl is harder to sum up, it seems that the Protagonist (living in the country) had a harem but then failed his high school exam and become a hikki with despair in his life.
“When (the) three worlds become one, Alice awakens” is on the front page and to me that implies these three VERY different games will merge and share characters somehow or another.

I got the impression that Ryukishi is writing Vespio, Romeo is writing Country Girl, and Yuuto is writing Gakuen Renai. Reason being, Vespio has Ryukishi’s art and the other two don’t, so it’s probably written by Ryukishi. Furthermore, the comicalize page says that Country Girl is a collab between Romeo and Ryukishi, so it’s probably written by Romeo. That leaves only Gakuen Renai for Yuuto.

Three unique games! Now that’s something I wasn’t expecting. How are they supposed to connect though? I’m very curious to see where this is all heading.

I guess, If I’m not wrong, that they were going to be connected by a character that was in common with the three of them, but I don’t know it very well.

But I mean, is there going to be any work that ties them all together? With this kind of thing, you’d expect some kind of ‘true ending’ to result once the ‘three worlds become one’, or something like that. That said, a story where the three works all exist in parallel to each other is equally interesting to me.

I’m really interested in where this series will go, especially Vespio, especially because the sci-fi direction is one that I think can be treated really well by Ryukishi. But I’m also wondering if it’s silly I’m really excited to see character designs? The huge sleeved characters in the little press pictures we have has me really excited. I’m also wondering who the character below will end up being and it’s killing me having no context!


Where did that image come from?

07thExpansion page is updated with some designs of characters, you can see some of them there!!

For the work that ties the three stories, maybe they (the stories) get tyed by themselves, having more or less a clear connection while you read them but that is really difficult. Maybe something similitar to metaworld in Umineko but I don’t know, there are a lot of ways to tie the stories. And also the part you mentioned of “three worlds becoming one” can also be a hint of a fourth story? Or maybe the end of the third one unites them all, random guesses time

Shoot let me track down where I saw it originally!:
Here is the post I saw it from from August 2015, posted alongside the first preview image and some of the preview shots Vespio I believe.

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Ok so Ryukishi updated his production diary a few days ago talking about Tri-anthology

Based on a really shitty google translation it seems like Ryukishi might not be doing any of the art, which would make the pics we’ve seen up until now concept art.

This time, all of the production, the selection of the background, such as a facial expression with the character, a very important part in the novel game, I have decided to ask Ms. Nakaoboushi.

Of course that’s a super shitty translation I am trying to interpret, so if anyone can read Japanese and wants to correct it that would be appreciated


Actually, it sounds like Nakaoboushi is going to be doing things such as deciding which backgrounds and character expressions to use at any given time, not drawing them him/herself.

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I find that nice to hear, since I’m a fan of Ryukishi’s drawing, even though might be considered terrible at drawing.