Share your VNDB list

Since we’re a community built around visual novels, I figure we should collect a list of what visual novels everyone has read, 07th or not! Link your lists here.


I finally got around to updating my list. A lot of stalled VNs that I plan to read eventually, eheh.

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My VNDB. I keep it up to date at all times.

Also gdi Aspi read some more VNs =P


So I caved and made a vndb. So be amazed at the modest list of VNs I have read.



I’m not gonna do any ratings yet because I have other things to do.


I love how your user IDs are literally 1 apart from one another.

(…and so new ship is born)


Mine isn’t that impressive… but I wouldn’t mind playing some more.

Edit: Judging by the user number I have (compared to the ones you guys have), I seem to have joined among the first people. Don’t really remember when - I think it was way back when even MyAnimeList was pretty new. So maybe 9-10 years ago? What I’m saying is, I should have played more VNs this past decade~

Pretty small list, displaying my pretty awful taste.

If this was simply VNs owned, however… :sweating:

Here’s my list:

I used to read a lot of the big Japanese VNs, but I kind of burnt out on them and tend to read a lot more short OELVN type stuff these days. They tend to be a bit more refined, no bloating with unnecessary h-scenes or bland slice-of-life, so I’m quite enjoying them.

And now onto the true purpose of this thread… judging other’s lists!

@Aspirety That’s a whole lot of stalled VNs on your list. Do you have a similar problem as me in getting through padded out content?

@Karifean That’s quite the extensive list, a lot of great mystery/investigation type stories in there~

@VyseGolbez Oh so few VNs on your list, you have so many awesome stories still to enjoy for the first time. I’m jealous.

@pictoshark Boo, no ratings? But how will I judge your taste without ratings? I’m surprised to see Air Pressure on your list, it’s not too well known, although it’s a great little story.

@sii_kei Dear god, your user id number. How on earth did you come across vndb so early? I didn’t think I cared about having a low id until I saw a 3 digit one like yours @_@

@soggysadboi YOU RATED UMINEKO LESS THAN 10?!?! (just kidding)

Looking through all these lists, I was initially surprised how many had read Rose Guns Days, it’s so rarely discussed, either here or elsewhere. Although I suppose it makes sense with us all being such R07 fans~


Here’s mine, a decent number on it, and will probably expand a bit over this year, we’ll see.

Now I’ve made one too:
Probably won’t bother with ratings.
Trying to remember even the most obscure stuff to make the list look all nice and sizable was a fun exercise.

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I listed a lot of VNs as ‘stalled’ that are actually just ‘sitting in my library waiting to be touched’. Kind of used it more as a ‘plan to read’ list, I guess.


Just set them to “Unknown” >.> Here’s my list, should play more

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I’ve been keeping a list for a while now, though I haven’t added any recently. A few of these games I managed to add to my list before they decided weren’t visual novels too, so my list is probably a little bigger than it should be.

Eh, like I said, it was in the early days of MyAnimeList and I remember there was a long talk whether or not MAL should include visual novels, doujinshi (I think they were removed in the meantime) and live action drama. In the end, several users decided to make separate sites for VNs and dramas and that’s how VNDB was born. It was advertised on the MAL forums quite a lot in the beginning.


Thanks for the history less on vndb @sii_kei, I didn’t know any of that. It’s hard to imagine MAL having VNs these days, it’s so geared towards anime.

@Ellixer NoooooOOOooo, finally someone with more VN votes than me. I can no longer look down smugly upon all the “casuals” ;p

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To be fair I used to try to inflate my list, counting games as “played” as long as I completed at least one route (I very rarely play more than one or two routes in a Visual Novel). That and I still have a couple of things in my list that isn’t counted as Visual Novels anymore.


Here’s my list, didn’t read that much but i plan to read more.

I have so many things I have to continue playing and all…when will I finish them…