Introduce Yourself!

I crochet all the time, my Big Project I’m working on now is a blanket thats almost bigger than me, and I still have lots of yarn I wanted to add to it. I like to start crocheting during class or in longish car rides because it gives me something to do. Do you like to crochet one type of thing over another?


Maybe if some of us are going to Matsuricon in August we’ll see each other? (Im going as Maria)

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I’ve never heard of it literally till now, but I’m not one for going to events. It’s possible that I might be able to go depending on whether it’s something I can make or not.

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I make just about anything, but I usually stick to scarves and small blankets! When I’m making giant blankets I prefer to knit as it’s generally faster. One of these days I’m going to teach myself how to quilt so I can make giant quilts for myself. There’s nothing quite like being wrapped up in a warm quilt with a good book!

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Hello everyone ! I’m Pennoz, I’m 16 years old and I live in France.

I have read Higurashi, Umineko, Higanbana and the first season of Rose Guns Days. I’ve started to read the 07thExpansion works with Higurashi, and since i’m really passionate about the works of R07, i cannot decide who between Higurashi and Umineko I love the most. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, and my favorite characters are : Beato, Battler, Rena and Bern. ( Rosa i love you too… )

I found Rokkenjima with onto one of the tea party podcast on YouTube.

My interest outside R07 are… Anime, Manga, Novels, Visual Novels and Video Games. Yes, it’s really original. I have a myanime list for anyone who is interested :

Something interesting about myself… uh, i’m a huge fan of Magikarp, and more generally, of fish.

I also apologize for my English, I have not problem for reading English, but i don’t know how doing sentences without mistakes. Sorry i’m doing my best and I really try to improve myself.
Thanks !


Even the tiniest Magikarp will eventually evolve into a mighty Gyarados! We have a whole topic deticated to Pokémon! We also places where you can share the things you love, like sharing your VNDB list, your MyAnimeList, your music, your fanart, your favorite video games, even your favorite book!

You mentioned coming here from one of our tea party podcasts? Our current tea party is Meakashi! Participation in the tea parties can win you prizes. You can also participate by joining the podcast! Of course, there are other ways to involve yourself on Rokkenjima! You can talk about Higurashi in either the spoiler or spoiler free sections for each arc. The same goes for Umineko, there are spoiler and spoiler free sections per episode! If you are interested we also have a place to discuss Higanbana and Rose Guns Days! And to top it all off, there are are places where you can talk about your favorite characters, like Beato, Battler, Rena and Bern! (Sadly, no Rosa!)

Welcome to Rokkenjima! Things can get a bit fishy here, but that’s just due to the fishy aroma :cackle:


@Pennoz However, once you’ve been here long enough (like, about a week) and have used the forum in that time, you’ll most likely have witch rank and then you can make a topic for discussing Rosa specifically yourself.


More than a Gyarados, I hope that one day, I will become a magikarp who is stronger than the mightiest of the Gyarados… after all magikarp shiny has the golden color mixed with him. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, thanks for this beautiful welcome ! I’m More a reader than Someone who participates actively at the conversation, However if the opportunity presents to me, I would not hesitate to speak with you-all haha.


Where in the world do you live?
California, USA

What 07th Expansion series’ have you read/watched? Which was your first, and which is your favourite?
So far, I’ve read Umineko episodes 1-6 and a little bit of 7. Currently rereading from the start, and once I finish that, I’ll get started on Higurashi.

How did you find Rokkenjima?
Was looking at Umineko stuff online and just happened across this site.

What are some of your interests outside of 07th Expansion?
Big fan of Shonen manga, visual novels, and mystery stories of any kind. I’m also really into computer programming; I’m about to graduate HS and head off to college as a CS major.

Tell us something interesting about yourself, something about our website that interested you, or something funny.

I never learned how to read analog clocks.


Welcome to Rokkenjima! You can follow along with our Umineko tea parties by reading (or posting) in the forum threads per episode. There are also podcasts you can listen (and participate in!) to that cover all of the theories brought up in the forum (there are only podcasts/tea parties for the question arcs as the tea parties are following along with the steam rereleases of Higurashi and Umineko). All of these things also exist for Higurashi. I highly highly recommend you follow along with either the tea party on the forum or the podcasts, as it makes the experience even more complete!

In the tea parties you can talk about your current theories (for Higurashi and Umineko) and attempt to solve the mysteries of 07th Expansion with other great detectives at your side! There are some pretty fun theories on Rokkenjima, some serious and some quite silly. There’s also other things to do on Rokkenjima too, like talking about visual novels, mystery novels, books in general, the worst day in the week, pizza, caffeinated beverages, you can even share your VNDB list and MyAnimeList!

Good luck solving the witch’s epitaph~ Kihihihi~ :cackle:

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Welcome here, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Wait, does that mean that you never knew the time when that clock was shown in Umineko?

Yeah :sweat_smile:

this saddens me greatly

how did you even know what was going on?

Wow though, really good to see new people being so enthusiastic right now - clearly I should come into this thread more often.


@U4ea is the real MVP, gatekeeper and friendly face of Rokkenjima.


? I don’t quite understand this. Nothing that happened in the story really felt like it depended on me being able to read the clocks in the transitions. Even if I could’ve read them, I never paid much attention to them so I probably wouldn’t have cared.

Hi all! I’m Reverie but I go by a few other usernames online (woodcarbuncle on reddit), and I’m a 21 year old from Singapore. Like most people here I’m a huge fan of all things Ryukishi07 and over the years I have amassed a collection of every single English manga volume of Higurashi and Umineko released to date (I would get RGD but I heard the manga left out the Soya Sauce War which was my favourite part). I first got into the Higurashi and Umineko anime series at age 14 and thought they were pretty good, but I was not prepared by how blown away I would be when I read the visual novels for the first time. Since then, Higurashi and Umineko have remained my two favourite works of fiction to this day, and have had a huge impact on shaping how I see the world.

I’ll be going to the US for my university studies this September (yes at age 21 thanks to my country taking away two years of my life for military service) and it makes me so excited that the current vice-president (president next year?) of my university’s anime club is a huge fan of Umineko too. (Maybe he’s here seeing this too? Who knows?) Hopefully R07 will be there at Anime Central again in one of the years where I’ll be there.


Howdy Reverie! I know you’ve already read the VN of both Higurashi and Umineko, but have you heard about the newly-translated Higurashi arc, Someutsushi? You can join in our tea party by reading Someutsushi and posting about it! There is also still time to participate in the Meakashi tea party! Participation in either of the tea parties can win you prizes!

There’s also plenty of Umineko to go around. There are spoiler free and full spoiler sections per episode! The same goes for Higurashi! We also have plenty of Rose Guns Days, so feel free to talk about the awesomeness that is the Soya Sauce War!

Of course, we also have plenty of fun stuff here too. You can show off your manga collection, share your VNDB list, share your MyAnimeList, talk about your dream crossovers, share fanart, even talk about pizza! One of the most wonderful things about Rokkenjima is that there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Welcome to Rokkenjima! Hopefully you find the vice-president of your university’s anime club here!


Hello! Im Sera! Im from Egypt and Im 18 years old. Im a big fan of 07thexpansion and R7 works in general. Outside that I dont play games much just VN from time to time. Its nice to know the fandom isnt dead!


اهلاً وسهلاً @sayocherit. I’m sure that @U4ea will be here soon with links to all the fun things here. I was wondering which of the 07th vns you had already read. I hope that you enjoy your time on here.

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The call of the heavens, the earth, the sea! They summon me forth to defeat evil! Waka, gods gift to man is here! Bonjour! If you know what game this is from without Googling it, I will love you forever.

Hello @sayocherit! The best way to get involved here on Rokkenjima is to join in our tea party! You can join in by reading the newly translated arc, Someutsushi and posting about it! Of course, there is also still time to participate in our Meakashi tea party! Participation in either tea party can win you fun prizes!

Of course, Higurashi isn’t the only 07th work we celebrate here. We have plenty of Umineko, Higanbana, Rose Guns Days, TRianThology, even Hotarubi! There are a lot of other ways to get involved here, like sharing fanart, sharing your VNDB list, talking about mystery novels, discovering new music, even talking about caffeinated beverages!

Thanks to Rokkenjima, the fandom is very alive and doing very well. It’s nice to have a place to get to know people who love the things you do. I’m certain you’ll make lots of friends here, both from your part of the world, and outside of it. In fact, @Five is also from Egypt! Welcome to Rokkenjima, Sera! As @Seraphitic said, I really hope you enjoy your time here.