Rokkenjima Mafia - Game VI [Game Over - Witch Side Victory]

Welcome to Rokkenjima. Your very own.

To give a change of pace, this will be a much more minimalistic and simple game than previous games.

This is a pure vanilla game. In this game, there are only two roles: Human and Witch.

How To Play

At the start of the game, every player obtains a Role PM. They will detail if you are a Human or a Witch, and if you are a witch it will include the names of all other witch players. There are no power roles.

The human team’s goal is to eliminate all witch team players. The witch teams’ goal is to eliminate enough human players so that 50% or more of the remaining players are witches.

Human players may only talk to other players about the game in this topic. Witch team players are given the special privilege of talking to each other about the game in a private chat, outside of the human team’s view.

The game alternates between two phases: Daytime and Nighttime. By default, Daytime lasts 48 hours, Nighttime lasts 24 hours, though both may also be shorter in specific circumstances. During Daytime, everyone is free to discuss the game in this topic and may cast votes towards lynching other players. Votes are cast publicly inside posts, like so:

It is also possible to vote for No Lynch. By the end of the day, whichever option - any active player or No Lynch - has the most votes, wins. Also, if any option gets over 50% of all remaining players’ votes at any time during the day, the Day Phase ends instantly, even if there was still time left.

After Daytime ends, Nighttime commences. During Nighttime this thread is locked, and the Witch team collectively decides on one human player to kill. Once Nighttime ends, the victim’s death is announced and the game loops with a new Daytime phase.

The game ends as soon as either side fulfills their victory condition. There are no third parties. Eliminated players still win with the side they were on, unless they broke game rules.

Addendum: A Nighttime phase can end early if every remaining player (both humans and witches) sends me an ‘acknowledgement’ PM. As soon as I have received acknowledgements from every human and the witches have sent in their target, there is no pressing need for nighttime to continue for the rest of the 24 hours.


During the game, please follow these rules at all time, otherwise you will be removed from the game. If possible you will be replaced, but otherwise you’ll simply be eliminated and banned from one or more future games.

  • Do not post in this topic while the game is going on if you are not a participant.
  • Do not edit posts. Conversely, feel free to double or triple or multi post all you want.
  • Do not remove posts. Neither your own nor other players’.
  • Do not seek out or share information you shouldn’t have.
  • Do not quote, screenshot or otherwise directly reference game master PMs unless I give you permission to do so.
  • Make sure you actively participate in every Day Phase. If you are too inactive, I will ask you to step it up, and if the problem is not resolved you may be replaced.
  • If you are not a participant, do not share information or speculation with the players, and do not otherwise interfere with the game.


Signups are open from now onwards and will be open for a few days, up to a week. As of now there is no limit on the number of players. The number of witches will be roughly 1/4 to 1/5 of the total number of players and will be announced when the game starts.

Non-participants and eliminated players are free to spectate the game. If you want I will also tell you the identities of the witch team players, though of course you are not allowed to share this information, neither with participants nor non-participants. If you wish to spectate the game, I have set up Discord chats for both uninformed and informed spectators. Drop me a message if you want in.

@pictoshark is banned from participating in this game due to rule infringements in the previous game.

List of participants

  1. Rabla
  2. thesorceress
  3. Antra
  4. UsagiTenpura
  5. King_Titanite_XV
  6. SleepingPliskin
  7. EternalMagician
  8. Muski
  9. lobotomyprince
  10. Wonderlander (Modkilled)
  11. VyseGolbez
  12. akafa123
  13. Doldod
  14. midsummer
  15. AMF
  16. Blackrune

Quick Navigation

Day 1 Start
Day 2 Start
Day 3 Start
Day 4 Start
Day 5 Start
Day 6 Start
Final Day Start
Game End

Elimination Log

Day 1 Lynch: AMF
Night 1 Kill: Blackrune
Day 2 Lynch: akafa123
Night 2 Kill: thesorceress
Day 3 Lynch: Rabla
Night 3 Kill: VyseGolbez
Day 4 Lynch: lobotomyprince
Night 4 Kill: Antra
Day 5 Lynch: EternalMagician
Night 5 Kill: King_Titanite_XV
Day 6 Lynch: midsummer
Night 6 Kill: Doldod
Day 7 Lynch: SleepingPliskin

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May I play Kari?

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Of course!

Sign me up. Hopefully I don’t start this game, then get disinterested partway through.

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I probably won’t get nearly as involved as last game, but sign me up.

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No roles? None at all?
Okay, sure. I’ll see how I can do.

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Added a little bit about nighttime ending early to the rules.

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I’ll join, why not

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Sure, I’ll give it another go

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Lets go son.

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New to the forum!!! Very excited to play some mafia :slight_smile:


Let’s get this show on the road :slight_smile:

Sad I won’t be able to kick your ass Kari tho…


“Sure, I’ll see first hand how you do things. Only pawns, eh? Well, I wouldn’t want to break rules, so let me just get someone…” The girl left everyone with those words, and just as the others were starting to wonder if the previous gamemaster would even return, reality itself seemed to warp at one place and at that place the girl appeared together with a blonde haired woman that didn’t seem to be very happy to be here. “May I introduce everyone, this is Yukari, she won’t play, she’s just here to prevent myself from reading everyone’s mind.” - “Yeah yeah, nice to meet everyone etc. etc. I’ll just sleep over here. And I hope you’re right with this game being fun to watch.”

The above is just some silly roleplaying, if you’re weirded out by it, pay it no mind. Long story short, I’m signing up.


I want to join again too.

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Since I can’t play don’t think that means I’m okay with spoilers, alright?

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I’m in again, as usual.

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It seems there are 13 participants already, but since there’s no player limit for now… Sure, I’ll join in. No experience in vanilla mafia, I wonder how this will turn out.

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I’ll give it a shot. At the very least it’ll be an interesting chance to get familiar with some of you. I’ll try not to disappoint. :winking:


And here I hoped the vanilla would decrease rather than increase…

Well, sign me up.