Recollection of a Mafia game [GAME OVER - Lovers' Victory]

So, potential players, are you willing to play this new yet familiar game?

Okay, let’s talk rules. This game is going to consist of two sides, humans and witches.

The humans win if they eliminate all witch side players, however, they don’t know who the other humans are. They make up the majority of players.

The witches win if they eliminate all human side players. They do know each other’s identity and get access to a private chat to discuss their strategy and whatnot. However, they make up a small minority of the players.

As a general rule for this game in particular, a player can only be called a winner if they are still alive by the end of the game.

The game is separated in two phases, daytime, which will last for 48 hours real time, and nighttime, which will last for 24 hours real time.

During daytime, all players may discuss in thread and vote who they want to lynch. Choosing not to lynch is allowed. Voting should happen in bold on a separate line. If half the players plus one have voted for the same person, the phase ends early and that person gets lynched.
Should no majority be reached by the end of the phase, I will randomly choose one of all possible voting options (so all alive players + No Lynch).

During nighttime, the witch side players may discuss in their private chat who they want to kill. Furthermore, any players that have an active ability may choose to use that, this will be detailed in their role PMs. In this game, discussion during the night is not allowed.

Talking about this game outside this thread is forbidden.

Quoting anything from out-of-thread communication is forbidden.

Once a player is dead, they are no longer allowed to post in thread.

Editing your posts is forbidden. As such, double posting is allowed.

If you only want to spectate this game, you can ask me for access to a spectator thread. Dead players will get access to the same thread.

Sign ups are currently open. I am looking for 12 players. The game will start after the Someutsushi podcast has been recorded (so after the coming weekend), should I have 12 players by then.

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@pictoshark Died in the second night, played Chiyo Kumasawa, Human Aligned Mackerel Jester
@Blackrune Died in the fourth night, played Kinzo Ushiromiya, Human Aligned Crazed Summoner
@Karifean Was Endgamed on the fifth day, played Battler Ushiromiya, Human Aligned Witch Hunter
@UsagiTenpura Died on the fifth day, played Hideyoshi Ushiromiya, Human Aligned Company President
@Quixote Died on the second day, played Kanon, Human Aligned Silent Furniture
@akafa123 Died in the first night, played Maria Ushiromiya, Human Aligned Strange Child
@SleepingPliskin Died on the third day, played Krauss Ushiromiya, Witch Aligned Future Head
@EternalMagician Died in the third night, played Eva Ushiromiya, Human Aligned Sharp Tongue
@Doldod Won Recollection of a Mafia game, played Shannon, Human Aligned Clumsy Servant
@thesorceress Died on the fourth day, played Genji Ronoue, Witch Aligned Chess Enthusiast
@Sapphire Won Recollection of a Mafia game, played George Ushiromiya, Witch Aligned Beloved Son
@King_Titanite_XV Died on the first day, played Rosa Ushiromiya, Human Aligned Mother of the Year

Game Progression

First Day
First Night
Second Day
Second Night
Third Day
Third Night
Fourth Day
Fourth Night
Fifth Day
End of the game

Records of Truth

Night Actions


Here we go again. I’m in.


Oh no, I’m contractually bound to sign up.

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I’d like to give it a shot.

Yay, finally I get to play something here again!

I think I’m fine with being a spectator this time.

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I’ll play, seems interesting to try out. Played Mafia and Secret Hitler before so it seems familiar

Count me in!

Completely forgot this rule:

Editing your posts is forbidden. As such, double posting is allowed.

It’s also been added to the OP.

I wanna play! Sign me up!

Can I play please?

Okay, I’ll try playing this one time…

sure, whatever. lets see how this goes

That… was quick. Well, Signups closed since I got the required amount. If someone wants to spectate, they can still ask for that obviously. Game start is still only after the Someutsushi podcast, since I do want to focus on that for now.

Okay. When is the podcast supposed to be recorded?

This weekend. I honestly didn’t expect to fill signup today already.

I’d like to spectate the game. Probably would’ve joined the game proper if there weren’t twelve players already.