Rokkenjima Mafia - Game VII [Game Over - Human Victory]

Hello, children of the Island. Welcome to Rokkenjima, or at least this personal distortion. This Gameboard is styled as a ‘Mafia’ Game, a competitive flow of logic, thinking, trust, and analysis, that you and your fellow players must come together, to unite or fool others, into your victory.

“What is Mafia?” you may ask. To put it simply, a mafia game pits an uninformed majority – in this case, the “Human Side” – against an informed minority – the “Witch Side” – with each side trying to eliminate the others, and the last team standing wins

  1. The Witch Side know who their teammates are and may communicate with them outside of the thread
  2. The Human Side players only know their own identity and cannot communicate with other members about the game outside of this thread
    There are on occasion additional factions at play, and they will bring their own agenda with them. It’s up to you to decided whether their presence is a help, or harm.

This Mafia is, of course, themed after 07th Expansion – each participant will be assigned a character from the game; combined with your alignment, this makes up your “Role.” Most characters will also be assigned an ability that allows them to take a special action under certain circumstances.

----Game Progression----

The game is divided into two alternating phases:

In the Daylight Phases, members vote in-thread on who they would like to lynch; if a majority of the participants can agree on one person, then that person is Killed. If no agreement can be reached, then whichever member has to most votes against them at the end of the 48-hour time limit is Killed. If there are multiple members with the same number of votes, then the Victim will be determined randomly from the tie.

During the Twilight Phases, members with active abilities can send a Private Message to the Game Master with who and/or how they want to use their ability. Night actions may be changed or canceled at any time during the 24-hour time limit.


When voting, please do so in bold, and separated from the body of your post, like so:

Vote: Bonecuss

Keeping it between paragraphs and bolded will make it easier for the Game Master to recognize and count your vote. As we are just starting, I will be lenient, but this will be enforced more over time.

When changing a vote, you use the same format, but with “Change Vote” instead of just “Vote.” If you have cast a vote and wish take it back entirely instead of just changing it to someone else, use:

Change Vote: No Vote

If you wish for nobody to be lynched during a Daylight Phase, then you also have the option of casting a vote for “No Death.” The difference you must recognize here is that a No Death vote means you are actively voting for no-one to die, whereas using No Vote means you are not adding anything to the overall tally.

In the scenario where a definitive Majority Vote occurs (eg, 6 of 10 living players all vote the same player), the Daylight Phase will end early and that player will be killed. Once this is locked in, the death is definitive, and any changed votes before the Game Master is able to progress the game will be ignored. You can not back down from such a decision so easily, weaklings.

----Night Actions----

When sending in your night action PM, please use a format similar to voting – for those of you with active abilities, this means using the bolded word from your role description. Some examples:

Investigate: Bonecuss

Kill: Bonecuss

Protect: Bonecuss

This is to help the Game Master keep straight who is doing what without having to memorize everyone’s ability or consult a list (more than is necessary, anyway).

If you have no intent to act during a Twilight Phase, please send a PM saying “No action”. This will speed up the Twlight Phase so the Game Master doesn’t have to wait for everyone’s PM. You do not have to worry about this if you do not have a night phase ability.


At any time you see fit, you may make a claim to which character you are and what your alignment is; this generally done as a manner of defending oneself, though the effectiveness will vary. An example:

You are Bonecuss: Human Aligned Bullied Example

As a Rule, this is the ONLY part of your Role PM you can share within the game board. Do not share any other information word-for-word from your PM in the thread.

Please do not DIRECTLY QUOTE from your PM, using the Highlight and Quote Reply function; the way this forum works let’s anyone expand a Quote to it’s full post, including Private PMs. This has happened unnoticed in previous games.

----Winning the Game----

These are the Win Conditions that will cause the Game to end.

For the Human Side - The Human Side must find and Kill every member of the Witch Side through Majority Vote in Daylight Phases. When only Humans remain, all survivors will be crowned as Winners.

For the Witch Side - When the Witch Side is equal to or outnumbers the remaining Humans, the Witches will automatically win.


A Modkill is when the Game Master has to step in and Kill a Player due to them violating one this game’s four rules:

  1. Do not talk about the game outside of the thread with people you aren’t allowed to talk to it about.

  2. Do not edit or delete your posts. Just like in real life, once you’ve said something, you’ve said it – no take-backs. If you need to say something else or clarify a certain point, you are allowed to double post. For the purposes specific to Rokkenjima as a forum, please avoid posting images in messages from outside the website; the Discourse forum will auto-edit your post to move the image to Rokkenjima’s own server. This may result in accidental disqualification. If you need to post an image for whatever reason, please use the Upload feature included in the message editor when posting.

  3. Do not quote anything from another member or the Game Master’s Private Messages to you in-thread without their permission, with the exception of your character name and alignment.

  4. Do not disclose ANY information about the game (your power, the results of your night actions, the identity of your teammate(s), etc.) after your death has been confirmed in a write-up.

Beyond these restrictions, anything goes (all forum rules still apply).

Additionally, you will be Modkilled if you are absent from the proceedings (either in-thread or from night actions) for four consecutive phases. Being active in the proceedings does not include one post every five days simply saying you are busy. If you’re going to be away for a while, say so ahead of time in-thread to avoid receiving a Modkill. Alternatively, you may simply send PM to the Game Master to notify them that you are still paying attention, but aren’t acting/speaking for strategic reasons.

----Further Questions----

If you’ve any questions about game progression in general, ask in-thread so that someone may assist you as soon as possible. Questions specifically about your role or ability works should be PM’d directly to the GM. Suggestions concerning things to be done in future rounds may be PM’d to the GM or posted in-thread, whichever you prefer.

----Game Resources----

An Example Game can be viewed here, which contains a higher level logic and thinking that Players should strive for.

Due to the request of a few Players, I’ve compiled a list of possible ‘Roles’ that can appear in the Game. Please peruse this at your leisure to help you try and identify your potential allies and enemies.

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Welcome to Rokkenjima. Not yours, but mine.

The games of our world now an active passion, Voyagers across the stars weave tales in the image of the The Crimson’s familiar board. From Chaos to Curiosity, the Skies to the Stars, and all the Players that travel between the seas for these events.

However, the Festival of Bloodshed long awaited the one who lead the charge, the one who’s iconic blaze across the world reflected the messes left in their wake. The Crimson, the retired and missing Master of the Gameboards, was called upon by the collective. Lost inside the shattered spiral of Chaos, The Crimson had made himself known again, the man still alive, but gone once more.

And yet, on the dawn of a brilliant day, where the red sunrise covered the shards in vibrant vermillion, envelopes in red arrived at the seats of those long loyal, and those who wished to step up to the plate. Some smiled, some laughed in madness and fear, and some trembled. With the destination in mind, the familiar and forgotten marble hall, those who would stand up to the king among kings set off for the seats they belonged in.

They knew the challenge awaited them, and a story they couldn’t miss for anything else in the world. An experience to take beyond eternity.

For The Crimson had Returned.


  1. UsagiTenpura
  2. King_Titanite_XV
  3. akafa123
  4. Blackrune
  5. Wonderlander
  6. EternalMagician
  7. VyseGolbez
  8. SleepingPliskin
  9. thesorceress
  10. pictoshark
  11. Karifean
  12. FlareNetworkC
  13. BunnyAdvocate
  14. Zepfur

The Game So Far:


  • Karifean - Y’shtola Rhul, Human Aligned Seventh Dawn
  • SleepingPliskin - Cloud Strife, Human Aligned Lost Soldier
  • Wonderlander - Shantotto, Human Aligned Legendary Mage
  • Blackrune - Firion, Crimson Aligned Wild Rose
  • UsagiTenpura - Terra Branford, Human Aligned Returner Esper
  • King_Titanite_XV - Tidus, Human Aligned Blitzball Ace
  • pictoshark - Cecil Harvey, Azure Aligned Honourable Paladin
  • EternalMagician - Zidane Tribal, Crimson Aligned Thief of Tantalus


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Noooone will know who this is, so I’m signing up.

I’d prefer you use your true form, child. I have no mercy nor care for this illusion of yours.

Awww, I was gonna show up all fancy too. :confused:

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Anyways, about time the crimson is back! Yeah :smiley:

Please note that “The Crimson returning” is in red so if this game gets cancelled at all then Rabla just lied in the red

anyway I’ll probably sign up. What’s the limit on players for this game? 12? Or something higher?

Rabla’s mafia? I’m definitely in :hauu:

Let’s go.

Well that’s fine but the illusion will be different if my username remains mispelled.

I am joining btw, guess I didn’t make it clear :stuck_out_tongue:

its not my fault your username makes me hungry

A “normal” Maffia game? (Because how normal can they be here?) I’m in!

Well, I’ll certainly join this game. About time I’m participating in a game from The Crimson himself.

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I’m joining lol

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I’d like to sign up I think!

But I’m used to playing proxy by now Crimson!

I have business at home to attend to! Are you sure I can’t send a piece of furniture in my place?

You will not use your scapegoat here, Sorcerer of Curiosity. It’s been far too long since we last faced off. Or was that your feeble, shattered other self?

also as a late response

I’ve settled on the final details on the setup and I’ll need at least 13 pieces on the board.

“Very well.”

And making it clear the earlier excuse was either a mere lie or never as important as he implied the sorcerer immediately slammed a glowing dagger through the sign up list.

When he pulled it out and walked off towards his seat it didn’t leave a cut, nor a burn and not even a name.

It left it’s mark plain as day, right in the slot for player number 10.

You’re on old man.

Or at least… that’s what should have happened. It’s exactly how it played out in the Sorcerer’s head, and he’d even practiced the maneuver before arriving, predicting that he wouldn’t be allowed to play by proxy.

But when he finished moving his lips and he glanced at the sign up sheet he saw that it had already been filled in with his name.

The sorcerer sighed, returned the dagger to his cloak and dejectedly wandered to his seat, sitting down with a puff.

He’d been denied his “cool moment”.

He was sad.

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